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Race To Dakar Book Review

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race-to-dakar-by-charley-boorman.jpgI finished the Race To Dakar book last night and it was great.  I had watched the DVD at least four times.  What I like about the book and that goes for the other Charley Boorman adventure books is you get more detail.  They can only put so much on a DVD.  The chapters near the end are divided up between in the three guys racing.  Which is nice because you get to see their point of view.  You get more of what happened to Matt and how he got out of it. *Spoiler(he gets stranded in the desert)Spoiler*.  I can’t say enough good things to say about this book.  It is an awesome read.

I highly recommend ever one read this book as well as the books of Charley Boorman’s adventures.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Race To Dakar Review

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race-to-dakar-by-charley-boorman As I menchaned in a pervious post that I picked up Race To Dakar DVD and Book.  Finished watching the DVD’s today.  The show/documentary is awesome.  I have seen it years ago.  But it is nice to see it on DVD.  I am a big fan of Charley Boorman.  This show has a great vantage point on how the Dakar rally is raced.  You see all the prep, the race it self and what happens when things good wrong.  There are seven episodes and extras on the two disk set.  The extras are not that great.  But over all its pretty hella right on.  Give it a watch.

If your are into motorcycles this is a great watch.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

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amazon I bought my first stuff online from  Well I order it last week on (Sept 23,08) and I got it last night (Sept 29,08).  I have to say that was really fast shipping.  The estimated time to arrive was Oct 1.  I am really pleased.  I bought The Race to Dakar book and DVD.  So far I watched the first disk.  It’s great.  I have the Long Way Round book and DVD.  Also so have The Long Way Down book.  So now I only have to get is the DVD.  The NTSC version is not out until Oct 28, 08.  I’ll have to buy more stuff from Amazon.

Long Way Around, Long Way Down, Race To Dakar

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1193605200000-624112-LongWayDown-1193328650265 If you have not seen The Long Way Around, The Long Way Down or Race to Dakar you are missing out. I have seen them all, they inspired me to get a motorcycle. I so can’t wait for spring to get my bike out. I think about it ever day. Back on track. I have the DVD of The Long Way Around and the book plus the The Long Way Down book. All most finished the first book. The plan now is to get the other two DVD’s and the Race to Dakar book. That’s how good they are. Youtube has a bunch of clips if you want to check them out. Here is a preview for Long Way Down.