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Amazon_Gift_CardHave recently received a gift card for  Was thinking what I should buy with it.  Then remember that third compendium for The Walking Dead comic books is out on October 13, 2015.  Do own the first two compendiums and part way into reading the second one.  By the time I finish reading that the third one should be here.  The plan is after I get this third compendium plan on getting all the trade paperbacks that are to come out in the future.  So can be update on the full story of The Walking Dead.

The gift card work great.  Just punch in the numbers and them money is there.  When you go the check out it uses that money first.  If there is any outstanding money owed it uses you normal mode of transaction.

[Update] Went to order the third compendium and it wasn’t available. is saying “Usually ships within 1 to 4 months”.  Not sure why that is since it only came out a few days ago.  Seen it on other online stores as well in real stores.  Will have to keep my eye out.

Wacom Bamboo Splash

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WacomBambooSplash.jpgReceived my Wacom Bamboo Splash yesterday (February 2, 2013).  Well it was at the post office the day before but didn’t get there in time.  Very happy with the speed has sent out my order.  It only took four days to get here.  Only got to try Bamboo Splash a little bit last night once I got it installed.  First off it is pretty dam cool.  Will take some getting used to.  What will come with time.  It comes with two software programs Autodesk Sketchbook Express and ArtRage 3 Studio.  Tried both but spent the most time trying out ArtRage.   Which seems the better of the two.  Plan today to play with it some more and try some tutorials for ArtRage.   All so going to play around the the setting to see what they all do.  Will be back later with an update on how things are going.




Made my first digital “art”.  I am no artist that is for sure.  But the Bamboo Splash is very fun and easy to use.  So is ArtRage 3.  This is an awesome program.  If I can stick with “may be” I’ll get better at it.

Wacom Bamboo Splash

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WacomBambooSplash.jpgA few blog posts back I was thinking about picking up a Wacom Bamboo Splash.  Thought it was pretty cool.  Well last night while looking more into, I went back to the  They still have it on sale but three dollars cheaper than the last time I looked.  Took this as a sign I should buy it.  So that it what I did.   It should be here next week some time.  It is on for a really good price right now on > here $66.98 (on sale as I am writing this January 29, 2013).  Back on January 23th i was $69.99.  If I were to find it in a store around here it would cost $79.99.   So getting it off Amazon is the better deal.  Got it with taxes and shipped for lest than buying one in store before taxes.  Can’t wait to try this out.  Now I might be able to edit photos better and make some “art”.   Thinking about starting up a new cartoon or revisit old ones I used to do.  Mind you they were pretty terrible.  Since I am not drawing/artist but it was fun.

Scott Pilgrim Boxset Review

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Back in January I got my copy of the Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Boxset.  Well I finished reading book six last night.  Really like the books.  All so loved the movie.  They may share the same name but the movie pulls different parts from each book and may not be in the same order or way it was done in the books.  What I like about them the best is each one was different the last.  They were put out over six years the seemed to change in year.  Which is good because time pass in the books as well.

Really like these.  If you seen the movie you should check out the books and vice versa.  The boxset is the best choice since it is cheaper that way.  But I must confess that I liked the movie better.  Will have to watch it again.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Scott Pilgrim Boxset

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Finely got Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Boxset yesterday.  Which I pre-ordered back in November.   Loved the movie, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World so much I had to check out the graphic novels which it is based on.  It was a very good deal.  Got free shipping and with tax it came to $49.99.  At the local bookstore they wanted $90.00 plus tax.  So it was well worth the wait.  If you are interested you can visit the Scott Pilgrim website to see what the the books look like.

Amazon Book Delay

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ScottPilgrimBoxset Back in the on November 2 I pre-ordered  Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Boxset because I wanted to read the books after seeing the movie plus it was a good price.  It was delay so it as going to be out in the middle of the month.  Was fine with at.  Not it has been delayed two more times.  Now it might shipped to me some time in January 2011.   Not too happy was hoping have it before Christmas.  Not going cancel because it is a good deal.  If I would to buy it leas were it would cost $90.00 plus tax.  I got it for a bit over $50 with tax and shipped for free.

For Crying Out Loud Review

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Finished reading For Crying Out Loud: The World According to Clarkson last night.  Really liked this book.  Some of the chapters I laughed out loud for real.  Not all the chapters are funny.  The book is a years long collection of this editorials for a news paper he writes for.  He can be one side which will anger some people.  Then again it is his opinion after all.  Jeremy Clarkson is known for causing controversy from time to time.  I might not agree with every thing he says but it is sure funny read.

Liked this book a lot and thinking a picking he the rest in this series.  Some of the chapters you might not agree with.  Then again if you don’t know who Jeremy Clarkson is you will most not likely even pick this book up.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good times)

The World According To Clarkson

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ForCryingOutLoud Was doing some shopping on Amazon and need to spend $9.00 more to get free shipping.  So I decided to look up stuff on Top Gear and a bunch of Jeremy Clarkson’s books showed up on the list.  Some of the books let you read the first few pages.  I had a real good laugh reading the one called For Crying Out Loud: The World According to Clarkson.  This is volume three of According to Clarkson series.  If the whole book good as the first few pages I might buy the other volumes in the series.  I will let you know when my order comes in and I get a change to read it. Books

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Bought some new books from for a really good deal.  They shipped them on Nov 17 and got them on the 20th.  I was really happy how quickly they arrived.  Was wait for Charley Boorman’s new book to come out, By Any Means 2.  Was looking to see when it came out and they had it on sale for $16.38.   So I could not pass that up.  To get free shipping you have to send over $39.  So I all so order Enemies & Allies: A Novel (Hardcover) which was all so on sale.  That didn’t add up to $39 so I ended up ordering a book my mother want as well.

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amazon I bought my first stuff online from  Well I order it last week on (Sept 23,08) and I got it last night (Sept 29,08).  I have to say that was really fast shipping.  The estimated time to arrive was Oct 1.  I am really pleased.  I bought The Race to Dakar book and DVD.  So far I watched the first disk.  It’s great.  I have the Long Way Round book and DVD.  Also so have The Long Way Down book.  So now I only have to get is the DVD.  The NTSC version is not out until Oct 28, 08.  I’ll have to buy more stuff from Amazon.