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Monster Truck Show

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Crashmaster Well yesterday (July 3, 2010) a few of us went to go see a monster truck show put on by Edge Motorsports out at Island Speedway.  The show is to start at 2pm, we get there a bit for two.   We didn’t see any monster trucks.  I was thinking they might have them hiding out back to make a big entrance.  Well there was no monster trucks there.  The guy putting on the show gets on the mic and says the the trucks took a wrong turn and will be here in a hour or so.  He apologized and said there will be free rides on the ride monster truck for any one who wants to go.  He all so gave discounts on the merchandise they were selling.  That was fine with ever one.

Now they get on with their “show”.  The stunt bike riders come out.  They do a good time.  Next up they have a bump race.  Which was lame.  They had four cars and only two of them had a bump and the fourth car could not keep up.  The stunt driver is up now.  He crash his car though two cars that were standing on their sides.  Once he smashes though he tried to flip the car over by going up the monster truck ramp and fails so he has another go.  This time he flips over.  The bikes come out again.  Now its time for the demo derby.  That was ok but a bit lame at the same time.

The monster truck pull into the parking lot around 5:30pm.  They unload the ride monster truck first.  Take a long time to set it up.  Once the do they start giving out rides.  But there is no progress on the other three monster trucks.  It is about 6:40pm now.  I give up and we leave.  We hear from people that stayed that they got one truck to work and that broke after one pass.  They get on the mic and say the show is over.

Now most people have been there for six or more hours.  They are pissed.  Some people did get there money back.  Others only got a part of there money back.  How ever there is a post on the Island Speedway website that if you send your ticket stubs to Edge-Motorsports they will give you a refund.  Their address is below.

294 Rink St. Suite 202

Peterborough ON, K9J 2K2

0 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Stock Car Races July 11, 2009

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newlogo1-thumb.jpgAfter we went golfing on July 11, 2009.  We decided to go to the stock car races at the Island Speedway.  This was the first races I went to this year.  It wasn’t to bad.  Had more fun watching the people in the crowed.  There was one lady all out of gear because one driver spun another guy out just because he wanted to.   He got a black flag.  As he was driving by the gave the crowed a peace sign.  This lady freaks out yells “He is going to get tonight and so is his women”.  The hole time with her baby in a stroller.  It was too funny watching her freak.

Stock Car Races September 27-08

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Here are some pictures from the stock races at Island Speedway September 27, 2008.  I posted the demo derby video yesterday.  It was the last racers of the year so they had a bunch a extra races.  It was getting dark and they could not get the lights on so they decided to get ready for the demo derby.  How ever the lights came on so they had 4 or 5 more races before the demo derby.   There was only one big accident.  One car hit the wall really hard and went a little air bone.  When that happed his front tire came off.

Demo Derby – Island Speedway

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newlogo1 Went to the stock cars races last night at Island Speedway.  It was the last races of the year.  At the end they had a demo Derby.  So I shot of video.  It was really dark.  But I managed to light it with some editing.  Took a bunch of pictures too.  I’ll upload them later.

Stock Car Races

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Went to the stock car races at the Island Speedway last night.  It was the first race I went to this year.  We sat in the pit area seating.  Some pretty crazy and funny things happed.  The wall got bumped a few times in front of us.  Sparks every every.  The best bump some one guy slid out and hit the wall head on.  A few tires came off.  The best on was the cars were in a caution.  They were going really slow and this guys whole tire and rim came off.  Funny stuff.  There was one really crazy crash.  Three guys were going into the corner side by side.  None of them were going go give in.  One car went air borne and one other hit the wall hard.  The car the went air borne got back into the race.  Pretty crazy.