I was watching some TV this morning and heard this loud bang.  It sound like something heavy fell on the floor.  I went to investigate, the only thing on the floor was a small picture that fell off the wall.  I was like, know way that made that much noise.  May be something hit the house.  I looked out the window and see a bird flying around.  They it falls on its back and starts twitching.  That last a few seconds.  Then nothing.  I was like “he dead”.  I grabbed my camera.  The partridge hit the house so hard that it broke the siding and kill himself.  Not sure why the partridge was there and why it flew into the house.  My best guesses it that he was stupid or suicidal.

One Response to “Partridge”

  1. Poor partridge! Maybe he was afraid of something or thought he was flying into the sky (I have heard that birds can be fooled by blue/gray surfaces). Nice photos though.

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