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Survivor: Blood vs. Water

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SurvivorBloodvsWater.pngFor the first time since Survivor started I have not watch the full season, Blood vs. Water.  Seen the first few episodes.  Then forgot to watch a few episodes then lost interest.  Well this past Sunday (December 15, 2013) the season ended.  I had to look up to see who was left.  There are three returning players and one newbie.  Thought about watching the finale but have know idea what happened.  Think I will try and watch the new season when that starts up in February.

[Update] Tyson won the season.

Survivor: Blood vs. Water

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SurvivorBloodvsWaterThe newest Survivor called Blood vs. Water is set to air September 18, 2013.  This will be the twenty seventh season of the show.  Which I find crazy let amazing at the same time.  Have watched from the very being.  While some seasons were better than other.  This new one looks very interesting.  Say that because this season will have returning players coming back with a loved one as a partner.  So looks like may be have them working together or against each other.  All so redemption island is coming back.  Of course with a twist.  If a love one can choose to switch with their love one who is on redemption island or choose to let them stay.   After looking at the cast it hard to say how it will turn out.  Kind of happy to see Rupert is back.  This will make it his forth time playing.  That has to be a new record.

Survivor: Caramoan Winner

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SurvivorCaramoan.pngLast night Survivor: Carramoan – Fans vs. Favourites ended. The finale opened with a big bang with Erik being taken out of the game. So my guess for Erik to win is wrong. The game is down to two fans and two favourites. This made for a very interesting show. The best part of the finale is the live reunion show at the end. I just wish they had more time to ask and answers questions. The show is all ways rushed. But not the less till entertaining.

The winner is *Cochran.  Was a bit shocked by this.  How ever he did play a very good game.

Survivor: Caramoan Finale

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SurvivorCaramoan.pngJust a reminder that the finale for Survivor: Carramoan – Fans vs. Favourites is tomorrow night (May 12, 2013).   The season has turned out much better than I thought it was going to be.  They are down to five people.  The funny thing is three of them have played before.  Can never figurer out why the new people don’t vote out the old players first.  Not too sure who is going to win.  But will put my money on Erik.  Now that Survivor is ending for another season it will be soon time for a new Big Brother.

Survivor: Caramoan

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SurvivorCaramoan.pngJust a reminder that Survivor: Carramoan – Fans vs. Favourites starts this Wednesday (February 13, 2012).  This is the third time they had a fans vs. favourites, but I could be wrong.  After looking at the returning players.  Was thinking they must be running low on people that wanted to come back.  There are some I don’t think would fall under the “favourites” banner.  For example Phillip from the Redemption Island season.   Well he was fun to watch because he was off the wall but don’t think of him as a favourite.  Then there Brandon.  Pretty sure he will go down the same path he did the first time around.  Then there are a bunch of other players I don’t even remember.  Pretty sure it will be a good season.  Every time there are that many returning players.  They think they know how to win and be the best.  But their egos get the best of them.  That is all ways fun to watch.

Survivor: Caramoan

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SurvivorCaramoanThe next season of Survivor called Survivor: Carramoan – Fan vs. Favorites.  It will start February 13, 2013.  That is the only info out so far.  Looking forward to seeing who the favourites will be.  May be some will be back to play for the fourth time.  It is hard to say.  Being this is the 26 season there would be lots of people to choose from.  Think there has been two other fan vs. season before.  Some times it is good and other times not so much.  Think it is because some of the returning players are just there for a pay day.   As soon as I find out who will be back I will make another post.

Survivor: Philippines Winner

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SurvivorPhilippines.jpgOne of the two people that I wanted to win Survivor: Philippines won.  That person is Denise.  Most times the final tribal council is can be a big crazy.  The person who I thought would cause the most trouble, Abi was pretty laid back about the whole thing.  It surprised me who laid into the final three.  That was Jonathan.  It was all fired up but all so pretty funny at the same time.   For the first time I missed the reunion show.  Had to be up early the next morning.  So I had to miss it.  By the time Survivor and the reunion show were it would have been 1am.  It has bad enough I was up to 12pm.  Had to get up for work at 5:30am.  Was pretty tired at work today.  But it was worth it to see who won.

Survivor: Philippines

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SurvivorPhilippines.jpgWith just then one episode/finale of Survivor: Philippines airing this coming Sunday (December 16, 2012).  They are down to four people.  Was so happy when Abi-Maria got the boot.  I know she will cause all kinds of trouble in the jury and the last tribal council.  I would like either Malcolm or Denise to win.  The other two, Michael and Lisa are not bad.   Just like the first two better.  I guess we will find out this coming Sunday.  Over all this has been a very good season.  Nothing stands out of a big shock.  The only thing I can think of is how much Abi was/is a b*tch.

Survivor: Philippines

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SurvivorPhilippines.jpgWe are getting close to the end of Survivor: Philippines.  It ends December 16, 2012.  So my guess there are two episodes plus the finale.  They are down to six people.  Would like for Denise or Malcolm to win.  The others  are ok as well.  With one exception, Abi-Maria.  Cannot stand her.  She treats other like dirt but doesn’t seem to think she is doing any thing wrong.  Any who it has been a good season.  Nothing really stands out from any other season.  May be one thing.    Which is that how know one has spilled the beans that Lisa is a former tv star.   Think it would be great if she made it all they way though with out every one finding out.

Survivor: Philippines

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SurvivorPhilippines The newest Survivor is called Survivor: Philippines.  It will start September 19, 2012.  This season is kind of a big deal since it will be it’s 25th season.  Which I find pretty crazy.  In other things that will make it interesting is they have three pass castaways coming back.  These three were guys that had to leave during there first seasons due to injury or illness.  But wait there is more.  They have two castaways that are some what famous.  A baseball player, Jeff Kent and Lisa Whelchel who is famous for playing Blair Warner on the show The Facts of Life.