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Midnight Club: LA – South Central DLC

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midnightclub.jpgThe new DLC for Midnight Club: Los Angeles is out now.  I came out Thursday (March 19, 2009).  There are two parts to the DLC one free and the other pay.  The free one gives you a new part of the map to drive around.  The pay one gives you new 9 new vehicles, parts, races and missions.  Download the free map add on the other day and tried it out today (March 22, 2009).  When I first booted up the game I wasn’t to sure if the map was bigger.  So I went online to see if it worked.  I was some of the new cars and the new map.   The new map is nice looking.  Raced a few races to check it out.  I like the fact that RockStar Games gives out free DLC along the the pay.

Midnight Club: Los Angeles Review

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midnightclub.jpgI guess I should get around to writing a review for Midnight Club: LA since I have for a few weeks now.  Visual the game is unreal.  The cars are top notch.  There is lots to customize inside and out.  The only thing you can’t seem to customize is the exhaust on the motorcycles.  The one down side to the game is it can be very difficult.  Like wanting to smash your controller difficult.  Which make it hard to get money.  How ever there are lots of other types of races and what not to get money and Rep.  The more Rep you get the more money you can win and it unlocks parts and cars to buy.

This is a fun game that can be very difficult.  For being frustrating at times I can only give it a.

4 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Finely Got Midnight Club: Los Angeles

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Wal-Mart finely had Midnight Club: LA in today.  I only got to played an hour and half so far.  It looks great that’s for sure.   The map is huge.  And it seems a lot hard then the last game.  Or it could just me not being good at games.  There are police chase this time around.  When they first came after me, a pop-up saying out mover them and you can get away.  Well I tried for 7 minutes and ended up getting arrested.  The fine was $1,300.00, there goes all the money I had won.  To get around this I found a tip on a message board.  I’ll have to give it a try.

1. Pause the game and enter the Race Editor
2. Press “Select” to go into Layout mode
3. fly to where you want
4. exit the race editor.

I’ll have a full review once I had more time to play.

Still No Midnight Club: LA

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So I went to Wal-Mart again today to see if they had Midnight Club: LA.  And they still don’t have it.  Which sucks.  Check out Future Shop’s website was well, they don’t have it either.  I know the game is out.  The website says it out,  there are ads on TV and has there review up.  They say it is frustrating and hard, but still a good game.  The last game were like that too.  If they don’t have it tomorrow, just might have to order it online.

Multiplayer Modes in Midnight Club: LA

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There is new info on the multiplayer modes in Midnight Club: Los Angeles. There seems to be a lot of modes.  Of course they they circuit races, ordered, unordered races and Landmark race.  Which sounds cool.  What that is a race across the city to a specific landmark and the first one there wins.  There are battle modes.  Which consist of different forms of capture the flag and keepaway. They all so have online cruise and a race editor.  The race editor lets you set waypoints and save it so it can be used in the cruise race queue. You can find more info here about multiplayer.  This game is little over a week away from coming out.  So can’t wait.

Midnight Club: Los Angeles Abilities

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There is a new Midnight Club: Los Angeles video show off the “special abilities”.  From the video it looks like you have the same abilities as MC3 but with a new one a EMP ( Electromagnetic pulse).   The game looks great.  So can’t wait.

New Midnight Club: Los Angeles Pictures

Posted in Just something to say, Pictures with tags , , , , on September 17, 2008 by getbent57 posted ten new screen shots for Midnight Club: Loss Angeles.  They are not pictures of cars, but of some of the city that will be raced in.  I’ll posted a few.  How ever you can see the rest here.  So can’t wait for this game.

Midnight Club: Los Angeles Website

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The Midnight Club: LA website is up an running now.  It very nice looking, like all Rockstar Games websites.  The games is going to have 5 groups of vehicles.  Muscle, Exotics, Luxury, Tuner cars and Bikes.  The site all so has some great wallpapers in a bunch of formats.  I think the best part is they have four new videos and lots of new screenshots.  Here are a few of them.  The game is out October 7th.  Can’t wait.