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Serena Ryder – What I Wouldn’t Do

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Serena_Ryder_What_I_Wouldnt_DoOnce again it is musical throwback Thursday.  The pick this week is What I Wouldn’t Do by Serena Ryder.  Pretty much hear this everyday I work.  Do like this song.  It is off her 2012 album Harmony.  You can give the official music video a watch/listen > here or below.

Winner 7053 1:6 Scrambler Motorcycle

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Winner_7053_1_6_Scrambler_MotorcycleWas watching some YouTube and there was some knockoff Lego featured.  When I looked that up and landed on the website  Looked around the site and seen something very cool.  A motorcycle model that looks like a Ducati Scrambler. You can see that > here.  Then I seen the price $99.00 Canadian.  Well the site is a bit sketchy and that is way too much money.  Wanted to know more about it.  Then seen the same model over on AliExpress for $40.00.  That is a big price difference.  You can see that > here.  Think it’s very cool but don’t know if I would buy it.

All-New PlayStation Plus

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There has been rumours for a few weeks now that Sony would put out a new service to compete with Xbox Game Pass.  Well today (March 29, 2022) they put out a post on their blog going over it.   Which you can read > here.  This new PlayStation Plus will have three options.  The first is what PlayStation Plus is now but with a new name, PlayStation Plus Essential.  The next tier is called PlayStation Plus Extra.  Is the essential tier, with about 400 PS4 and PS5 games to play.  The third and most expensive is called PlayStation Plus Premium.  This has what other two have.  Then add PS3 game though streaming.  The biggest thing it has PlayStation, PS2 and PSP games.  This all sounds good but think that it will be out of my price range.  In that post the don’t say the Canadian prices.  The US price for the last tier is $120.00 a  year.  So guessing that will be about $150.00 or more here.  These new options will launch in June (2022).  But then there will more news and lots of videos talking about it.

The Batman Blu-ray

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While the The Batman movie is still in theatres.  Got thinking about when it might come to disc.  Most times they don’t but the info out to after it leaves theaters.  Looked it up for fun any way.  From what I have been reading on real sites like this one > here.  The movie might be out this June for home media.  Hope this is true but time will tell.  Really want to see this because as you may know I am a big Batman fan.

Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.52

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Last week some time here was yet another patch for Cyberpunk 2077.  These past few weeks have jumped back into the game and am having a good time.  So far my save file says about 70 hours played.  That is from when the game first launched to now. With this new patch 1.52 (you can read all it does > here).  The game does run better.   The improved the crafting, which I like a lot.  Exploring the world now is more enjoyable.  Think I am going to sick with it.  May be I’ll even play some more the the story missions.  Have mostly been doing side stuff, crafting and exploring.

Steam Deck Once Again

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Have been watching some more videos about the Steam Deck.  Wanted to see how well it worked with emulation and was very happy to see it works awesome.  Even with PS2 games.  So thinking I will save up and get one.  There are three version to choose from.  Am looking at the middle one.  The only down side is.  Think it will be some time in 2023 before I will be able to buy one.  As I am typing his (March 22, 2022).  You can log in and reserve one.  Then “Expected order availability: After Q3 2022”.   That is why I might have to wait to next March to get one.

New Witcher Game In The Works

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The_Witcher_A_New_Saga_BeginsIt was kind of obvious that there would be a new Witcher game in the works.  The third game is awesome and way too popular not to make another one.  Well the other day (March 21, 2022) it was made official by CD Projekt Red with a post on the Witcher website which you can read > here.  The post is called A New Saga Begins.  The other big news with this post, is that they are switching game engines from their own to Unreal Engine 5. Am sure the game will be years away from being out.

Placebo – Pure Morning

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Placebo_Pure_MorningTime again for musical throwback Thursday.   Going with some classic 90’s rock this week.  The pick is Pure Moring by Placebo.  The song is off their 1998 album Without You I’m Nothing.  While it sounds from the product of the time.  However it still holds up well.  You can give it a listen > here or below.

Getting Back Into 3D Printing

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Has been a long while since I have done any 3D printing with my Elegoo Neptune 2.  This is mostly because where I have the printer it’s cooler than the rest of the house.  Didn’t want to chance having the prints fail because it the PLA wasn’t warm enough.  How that we are into Spring.  The temperatures will be getting better.  Do have a long list of projects I want to make and or try out.

GTA Vice City – Crash, Smash & Dash – Remake?

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Now that I have a copy of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition on it’s way.  Got thinking maybe I should remake an old video which I did in the early 2000’s.   Back in 2006 put on YouTube and called it GTA Vice City – Crash, Smash & Dash.  You can check it out > here.  Last summer when going though some old backups hoping to find the original footage.  Didn’t have any luck.  So thinking it might be fun to try and recapture some of the same scenes.  Sure I will have to use as new soundtrack. But that’s no big deal.