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Minisforum UM580 Another Video

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Another YouTuber, Retro Game Corps, has a video on the same mini PC I ordered.  The Minisforum UM580.  Which will ship at the end of the month (September 2022).  So very much looking forward to getting my hands on it.  You can see the video > here or below.  The main use for the computer will be games.  Do have some on Steam, Epic and GoG.  Then there is the emulation side.  Which this can do really well.  Have a big stack of PS2 I would love to play again.  Will be back will more posts once I get it my hands.

Minisforum UM580 Video

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Blogged about the mini PC I ordered a, Minisforum UM580 a few times.  It hasn’t shipped yet.  That will not be until the end of the month (September 2022).  Talking about this again because the YouTuber ETA Prime put out a video on this very computer.  Which you can see > here or below.  While it is not going to run the newest AAA games.  There will be 1000’s of older ones.  All so planning on some emulation.

Minisforum UM580

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For a long time now have wanted to get a mini PC.  Seen some videos of the upcoming Minisforum UM560.  That it was super cool and had the features I liked.  In my last posting talking about this was very much on the fence.  Thought about getting a Steam Deck but the wait list is far too long.  All so can’t get my hands on a PS5, which I was planning to buy a birthday gift to myself.  Well made up my mind and ordered a Minisforum UM580.  This is a bit more powerful than the UM560.  That model ships at the end of August.  The one I got ships at the end of September (2022).  So my guess it will be here some time in October.  All so even with the conversion of Canadian to US money it was still cheaper than a the middle model of the Steam Deck.

Minisforum UM560/UM580

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Minisforum_UM560_UM580Have been thinking about buying a mini PC for many years now.  Now that they have gotten better at running newest games and all so better at emulation.  Now might be the time to get one.  Did have my eye on getting a Steam Deck but that will be some time next year before you will be able to get your hands on one.  Seem some video’s on this > here Minisforum models.  They are running a pre-sale discount.  Then the ship out at the end of August 2022.  The price is right but think that is in US funds.  Need to look into it more.

Steam Deck Once Again

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Have been watching some more videos about the Steam Deck.  Wanted to see how well it worked with emulation and was very happy to see it works awesome.  Even with PS2 games.  So thinking I will save up and get one.  There are three version to choose from.  Am looking at the middle one.  The only down side is.  Think it will be some time in 2023 before I will be able to buy one.  As I am typing his (March 22, 2022).  You can log in and reserve one.  Then “Expected order availability: After Q3 2022”.   That is why I might have to wait to next March to get one.

Steam Deck

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As I am typing this (February 10, 2022) a few videos on the Steam Deck have popped up a YouTube.  At that point the people were no allowed to show or talk about the software.  Only about the hardware.  One cool thing discovered is that the games running off the SD Card load just about as fast as the internal SSD.  Think that is great news.  Am looking forward to see what people can get running on this device.  If can do what I want, like good PS2 emulation.  Might look into getting on some time in the summer (if there available).

Steam Deck

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Steam_DeckThought I made a post back in the Summer (2021) talking about Steam Deck but I did not.  If you don’t know what it is, is a handheld gaming PC being put out by Valve.  It does look pretty cool and am interesting.  However wasn’t and not going to jump on board just yet.  Want to see some real world video with people talking about it.  Saying this now because the first bunch should be shipping in February (2022).  Will be keeping my eye YouTube.  If it turns out to be good might add it to my buy list.