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Cape Breton Bikefest 2010 Pictures

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Today (July 31, 2010) is day two of the Cape Breton Bikefest.  Went and check it out in the morning.  Not too much going on. Decided to go buy a hat but they ran out.  So ended up buying a pin.   Went back in the afternoon to see the burn outs and the stunt show.  Had a good time.  The burn outs were great.  Lots and lots of smoke and a bunch of popped tires.

The Walking Dead TV Show

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TheWalkingDead Was reading some news and blogs about Comic-Con that took place last week and they were saying they are making The Walking Dead a tv show.  The Walking Dead is a very cool and awesome comic book.  A friend lent me the first few issues a while back.  The comics are great.  I think even if you have never read a comic book you would like these.  Ok back to the TV show.  It will starting airing in October 2010.  Went on to IMDB and they had some pictures.  The look great.  There are some nice ones at the AMC website.  Will hot link some of them, but they might not be there for long.  Since they might move the pictures to a different sever.

Sherwood Dungeon

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SherwoodDungeon I have never heard of the free 3D MMO game called Sherwood Dungeon.  Well that was until yesterday.   Besides being free to play it has some cool things about it.  It plays right in a web browser.  You don’t even have to sign up if you don’t want.  That is how I tired it.  Just pick a name and set up a character.  The game looks great for being six years old and be made by one guy.   This is a pick up an play game.  I know other game offer more but this is a nice little time killer.  If you are looking to play with out putting all kinds of time in.

Cape Breton Bikefest 2010

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In a few more days the 2010 Cape Breton Bikefest will kick off.  July 30 to August 2, 2010.  So can’t wait.  I book that Saturday off.  I missed the burn out pit last year.  Don’t want to miss it this time around.  I am pretty sure there are going to be more bikes this year.  Plan to take all kinds of pictures.  So come back later on during this up coming weekend to see some pictures.

Batman: Under The Red Hood Review

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I am going to come out and just say it Batman: Under the Red Hood is the best Batman animated movie made to date.  From the killer opening credits to the closing credits this is just pure awesome.  The scenes have a feel of a big blockbuster movie.  The way it was animated makes it feel that way too.  Just like past DC Universe Animated movies they use graphic novels as the source so the story is great.  I can not say enough good things about this movie.

This is a much watch and/or buy.  For very Batman fan out here you will love it.  For those are some what fans you will love this as well.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Charley Boorman Cape Town To Victoria Falls

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CharleyBoorman Well Charley Boorman is heading out on a new adventure.  This time he is going from Cape Town to Victoria Falls.  It will be different this time because he is not going alone.  Ross Noble with join Charley along with a bunch of riders.  He has own YouTube channel now.  So I am hoping they will have clips of this trip on there.  I am sure he or some one else will be posting more updates on his Facebook and Twitter feeds.

PSN Video Store

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PSN Yesterday I got a email from Sony.  Saying thank you for visiting the PSN video store.  Since it is new here in Canada.  They sent me a code to download a free movie.  It is Charlie’s Angels, well it would have been cool it was something newer.  But oh well it is free.   I downloaded it and I think I will watch it later.  I am sure it is a bit dated now since it is ten years old.

Fatboy Slim – Weapon Of Choice

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WeaponOfChoice Was killing some time today looking up old songs on YouTube.  On of the all time coolest videos of all time popped up Fatboy Slim’s Weapon Of Choice.  If you have not seen it in a long time or have never seen it you must watch it.  Christopher Walken is the best.

It will not let me embed the good quality version.  So click > here to it.

DeathSpank Demo

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DeathSpank I have been hearing all kinds of good things about the download only game DeathSpank.  So I gave the demo a try.  Well it is pretty sweet.  It is a fun hack and slash/light rpg.  The game has very cool art style and it is a very funny as well.  I just might pick this one up.  I say give the demo a try, you might like it.  I do believe the full game cost round $15.

Bike Kilometres Again

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Back in April 2010 I had post about having 6666.6 KM’s on my Yamaha XT 225 odometer.  Well today (July 21, 2010) when I was filling up at the gas station saw a bunch of sevens.  It is all most seven KM from the gas station to my house.  I was thinking wouldn’t be be cool to have all sevens.  When I pulled into the drive way I had 7,777 KMs.  So I just rode around the yard till I got the .7, lol.  The pictures is below.