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Scary Ride

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Had the scariest ride home last night with Yamaha XT 225.  Not because traffic or bad drives it was the weather.  It was about 1:40am so it was really dark but it was foggiest I have ever ridden in.  What made it even worst was my helmet visor fog up inside.  Lifted it up the visor a bit hoping the air would clear it off.  Didn’t work, just ended up fogging up my glasses.  Could only see about two feet in front of tire.  Don’t want to do that again any time soon.

Bike Kilometres Yet Again

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Back with another post talking about kilometres on my Yamaha XT 225.  Well today I hit 10,000 clicks.  I know a lot of people might hit that in there first year but what ever.  It is just cool that I have rode 10,000 kilometres.  As the internet likes to say a picture or it didn’t happen.  The picture is below.

Bike Kilometres Again

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Back in April 2010 I had post about having 6666.6 KM’s on my Yamaha XT 225 odometer.  Well today (July 21, 2010) when I was filling up at the gas station saw a bunch of sevens.  It is all most seven KM from the gas station to my house.  I was thinking wouldn’t be be cool to have all sevens.  When I pulled into the drive way I had 7,777 KMs.  So I just rode around the yard till I got the .7, lol.  The pictures is below.

Bike Kilometres

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Was getting my Yamaha XT 225 ready to go to work today (April 15, 2010).  As I was starting it I was looking at the kilometres on it and they were all six’s.  I had to take a pictures because this will only happen once.

2009 Suzuki Boulevard S50

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suzuki_logo My brother picked up this new 2009 Suzuki Boulevard S50 yesterday (March 14, 2009).  It is a pretty sweet looking motorcycle.  He really likes it and can’t wait for the weather to get better.  He sent me a few pictures and a few small video clips.