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Spider-Woman ‘Watch Your Step’

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marvel_logo Saw this great trailer/music video for Marvel’s new motion comic for Spider-Woman.  I really dig the song.  I like the idea of motion comics.  What that is is a comic book that is some what animated with voice.  For a limited time you can watch the first episode of Spider-Woman for free here.  For some reason I cannot get the video to embed, so you can click here to see it.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies Review

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supermanbatman.jpgPicked up Superman/Batman: Public Enemies DVD today (Sept 29, 2009).  I was looking forward to watching this.  I was a bit disappointed.  It was no were as good as the other direct to DVD they put out.  It looks great for sure and the action is good as any of them.  It was the story, boring.  They did this type of plot lots of time before.  Was so hoping they would have done some thing different.  But oh well if they make another one, just pray that was is better.

An ok watch if you are a fan.  Just be warned the story is bland.

4 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Short Film Progress

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film_reel The progress of the short Film we are making is going good.  Still need to get one more day of filming to finish it off.  How ever the first part is done the ruff cut of editing.  It is looking good.  I have started the back ground music.  Once that is done plan to add some sound effects.  The Mark has mock poster made up.  It looks pretty sweet.  Look below to see it.  The real one might be a bit different.  We keep posting as things move along.

Short Film

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We started work on a short film yesterday (Sept 27, 2009).  We plan to shoot at two different place.  Once those two are done.  Going to put what we filmed together for our short film.  Day one went really good.  Had good weather and no wind.  Once we get every together and ready it will be posted to YouTube.  Side not this is only a test film to see what we can do and how well it turns out.  Here are some pictures of behind the scenes on day one.

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies

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superman batman The newest direct to dvd DC Universe movie called Superman/Batman: Public Enemies will be out September 29, 2009.  I love these movies and this one looks like the best one yet.  I do believe this dvd is based of the graphic novel of the same name.  I will post a review once pick it up and watch it.

Crank: High Voltage Review

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crank 2 Been wanting to see Crank: High Voltage for awhile now since I liked the first one.  This one is way better than the first.  I has the same crazy over the top action and comedy, but turned way up.  This movie is very fast paced, the characters are crazy over the top and there are some really funny moments.  I liked this movie.  You have to suspend disbelief.  That is what it make it fun.  It has an R rating for a reason.  Lot of violence and what not.  That stuff is fine but the comedy makes this movie.  I haven’t seen any like this movie before.  Don’t want to give any of that stuff way.

This is a great movie if you suspend disbelief and just have fun watching it. Oh, and the comedy is pretty wacky.

4 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

By Any Means 2 Book And TV Show

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bam2 Have some new info on By Any Means 2.  The TV show will air the first of six  episode this coming Sunday (Sept 27, 2009) on BBC2.  The book has a new title now it is called, Right to the Edge: Sydney to Tokyo By Any Means: The Road to the End of the Earth.  That will be out Oct 1, 2009 in the UK.  How ever here in Canada, according to Amazon it will be out Nov 24, 2009.  I so how the will release both show on DVD here.

Sound Effects

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sound-effects Have been looking around the net for some free sound effects because a bunch of us are in the works of make a short film.  We have never made a real one before so we are going to film two small scenes to see how it works out.  That is why I am looking for sound effects.  Found a few websites that have free sounds.  Over at they have a bunch.  Another good one is  If you look around you can find lots but most of them are for sale.  I had to laugh when I seen one two second click for sale at $4.99.

My DIY Steadicam Video

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Posted pictures of my DIY steadicam yesterday.  Well the test video I uploaded to YouTube is done.  It turned out pretty good.  Might have to put some more weight in the bottom.  Take a look.  If you are looking to build one you can see how it is done here.

My DIY Steadicam

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A few days ago I talked about make this DIY steadicam.  Well today I made one.  It is the same design but I use different pipe to make it.  I used copper pipe instead.  Ended up using copper because it was the only pipe I could find with fittings what would fit.  It is still nice and light. Made a video showing the difference with and with out.  It is being uploaded to YouTube as I type this.  Took some pictures as well of the parts used and the final thing.