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Billy Squier – Lonely Is The Night

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Billy_SquierFor this weeks musical throwback Thursday.  Picked Billy Squier 1981 song Lonely is the Night.  Which is off his album Don’t Say No.  Picked this one because every time I play GTA 5 or Online this is pretty much the first song I hear every time.  Then it gets stuck in my head.  This is a classic rock song that holds ups well.  It fits well into GTA because it one of those prefect driving songs.  Give it a listen > here or below.

Under The Dome: Season 3 Trailer

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UnderTheDome.jpgThe big summer TV show, Under The Dome is coming back June 25, 2015 with season three.  Season two ended with a big cliff-hanger.  So it will be nice to find out what happens.  Kind of forget what happened last season.  Just remember the first half wasn’t the great.  But the last five or so episodes were pretty good.  There is a teaser trailer out for season three which you can watch > here or below.  I will be watching.  Just hope it the whole season is all around better.

Mad Max Gameplay Trailer

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Mad_Max_GameHas you may know the new movie, Mad Max: Fury Road is opening soon.  There is other Mad Max news.  There is now a gameplay trailer out for the game.  However this isn’t some crappy movie tie in game.   This game has been in the works and was first announced back at 2013 E3.  This Mad Max game looks amazing.  It will be an open world game with all the cool stuff from the Mad Max world.  It is being made by Avalanche Studios.  They are the people behind the Just Cause games.  They know how to make an open world game.  Just know it will be a fun game to play.  It will be out September 1, 2015.  You can see the awesome gameplay trailer > here or below.

The Hedge Knight: The Graphic Novel

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TheHedgeKnightTheGraphicNovel.jpgA few posts back talked about a new book coming out called A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms by George R.R. Martin.  The book will contain the three novellas. Which are under the banner series called Tales of Dunk and Egg.  These were released by themselves years ago.  Now they will be all in one with this new book.  Have known for a while now that the first novella, A Hedge Knight was turned into a graphic novel.  Even had a post about it back in December 2013.  Saying I was going to buy a copy.  Well that is what I did.  Ordered it they other day off  Looking forward to reading it.  Will be back with a review when I do.

A Knight Of the Seven Kingdoms

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A_Knight_Of_The_Seven_KingdomsThere is a new book coming out from George R.R. Martin.  Which will be called A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms.  Well shouldn’t says its all new.  Because this book will contain the three novellas he write years ago. Which are under the banner series called Tales of Dunk and Egg.  These stories are set about 90 years before the events in the Ice and Fire series.  The book will all so be illustrated.  As you may know am a big fan of of the books and TV show.  So will be getting myself a copy of this when it comes out.  Which will be October 6, 2015.

Assassin’s Creed Chronicles

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Assassin's_Creed_Chronicles_ChinaThere is a new Assassin’s Creed games coming out soon  In fact the next one will be out on April 21, 2015.  There are three in the works all under the banner, Assassin’s Creed Chronicles.  The first one will be China then India and then Russia.  These new games are 2.5D side-scrolling platformers with stealth and action. You will be able to move though different planes as well.  Kind of like how Little Big Planet is played.  Each one will have there own combat style and it’s own look.  There is a trailer out which you can see > here or below.  They do look pretty cool and it might be fun to play.  There is know word on a demo but the the first one will cost $10.  So I am guess the other two will be the same when they come out in the future.

Motorcycle Club Demo

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Motorcycle_ClubA few days back was looking at the games in the case at a store and seen one with motorcycles on the cover.  Took a closer look.  It was called Motorcycle Club.  When I got home booted up my PS4 to see if there was a demo.  Sure enough there was.  Knew the game would more of an arcade like gameplay.  Which is fine with me.  However other than the motorcycles looking good.  The rest of it is terrible.  You can switch between three motorcycles during the race.  Which you have to because each part of the track is designed for of the different style of motorcycle.  This is fine but the controls suck.  It is a waste of time and not worth spending any money on.  Even with the game was a dollar.  I still keep the dollar.

U2 – Beautiful Day

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U2_Beautiful_DayBack on track with picking older songs for musical throwback Thursday.  This weeks song is Beautiful Day by U2.  They have many great songs.  This one and Elevation have all ways stuck with me.  They both happen to be off the same album their 2000’s All That You Can’t Leave Behind.  You can give it a listen > here or below.

Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice Trailer

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Batman_v_SupermanIt was a very big week for movies trailers last week.  There was the new Star Wars one.  Then someone leaked the one for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  Which I did watch but it was hard to make out anything because it was too dark.  Then a little while after that they officially released it.  Which you can see > here or below if you all ready not seen it.  Like a lot of people wasn’t to sure how this movie would look like and then there is Ben Affleck playing Batman.  This trailer has me hopeful that it will be awesome.  It is still a long way off before we can watch it.  Will be in theatres March 25, 2016.

Batman vs Robin Review

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Batman_vs_Robin.jpgGoing to start off with saying this movie, Batman vs Robin is the best DC Universe Animated movie in a very long time.  Everything about it was great.  As all ways the animation is top notch.  The voice acting was much better than the last Batman and and Robin movie, Son of Batman.  They story has been the strongest in years.  It keep me interested all they way though.  The way they worked in the Court of Owls from The New 52 Batman comic book storyline was the best.  Have read those books so know the plot and how it unfolded.  In this movie they used all the pieces in their own way and it was awesome.

This is the best Batman animated movie in a very long time.  Most of the time once I finish watching one of this movies put it on my shelve.  Then may be re-watch it a year or more later.  This one how every want to watch it again right way.  Just might watch it with audio commentary on.  That is how good the movie is.  If I was talking to someone who not into these movies or comic books.  That may be interested in starting.   This is the one and and Batman: Under the Red Hood would be the ones to watch first.   A must own for any Batman fan.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)