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PlayStation Plus April 2018 Game’s Line-up

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The list of free game for PlayStation Plus members for April 2018 is now out.  There are some great games this month jus like last.  One is Mad Max.  Owned this game and it is amazing.  Finished it 100%  so it great now that more people will get to play it.  You read the official blog post > here.  The games will be downloadable April 3, 2018.


Mad Max

TrackMania Turbo

Q-Bert Rebooted


In Space We Brawl

Toy Home

Q-Bert Rebooted


99 Vidas

Q-Bert Rebooted

Mad Max Review

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Mad_Max_Game.jpgHave made may posts taking about the video game Mad Max.  Have now finished the game and all the side missions.  So think it is time for a review.  Like this game a lot.  Even after I did everything (minus going for a few trophies) I wanted to keep playing.  However the game does have problems.  Some of the elements can be repetitive.  All so combat can be a pain in the begin.  It gets better the more you upgrade.  All that can be said about most games.   There are not very many story missions.  They make up for that will all the side stuff.   Which like I said all ready can be repetitive.  But if you switch they up.  Instead of doing all of one before moving onto the next.  It makes if more fun.

Had a blast playing this game.  Like it so much thinking about starting over again.  My favourite thing to do was to take over the small enemies bases.  Driving the car is very fun as well.  Once you gets some of the better upgrades and can take on the convoys.  It’s very enjoyable.   The game is well worth the money.  Even if you wait for it to drop in price.  It is a must buy.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Mad Max

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Mad_Max_Game.jpgHave been playing the game Mad Max for little over a month now.  All most finished.  What I have been doing is all the side stuff first.  The most is broken into five big sections.  Which then broken into smaller sections.  I have been doing missions and collecting section by sections.  That way I can get more of the upgrades faster.  Have had Max, maxed out for a while now.  Been working on trying to get all the parts and upgrades for the car.  Most of these you have to do main and side missions to unlock.  Have enjoyed my time with this game.  For a game being set desert wasteland there is a lot to look.  A lot of the elements can be repetitive.   However there are many different tasks which helps.  Not ready for a full review.  Want to finish the game first.

Mad Max

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Mad_Max_Game.jpgOnce again taking about the video game Mad Max.  Not sure how many hours I have play (wish there was a stat tracker for that).  But it is a bunch for sure.  Loved every minute it of it.  Said this in my last post taking about the game.  For being set in a desert wasteland there is a lot to look at and things to do.  The upgrading of Max and the car is very fun as well.  Everything you do in the game gives you something in return.  My favourite thing to do is take over the enemies bases.  They all may have similar elements but each are unique.   The money used in the game is call scrap.  Have discovered.  If you are out in a big storm (which happens time to time).  A message comes up on the screen saying seek shelter.  Being out in a storm can kill you.  However there are big scrap drops during the storm.  When the storm did come.  High tailed it back to the main base.   Waited on the for a bit then seen three new icons appear on the mini map.  So head back out to see what they were.  Turn out they were big boxes, each with 100 scrap in them.  That is a lot compared to the regular ones you find.  Not sure if I will ever be able to finish the game because the map is huge.  However will have fun trying.  Well worth the money.

Mad Max: Fury Road Graphic Novel

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Mad_Max_Fury_Road_Graphic_NovelHave been all things Mad Max as of late.  Really enjoyed the movie, Mad Max: Fury Road.  All so really love playing the new game Mad Max.  Have just found out there is more Mad Max to enjoy.  There is a graphic novel set to come out this month (September 2015). has it being released September 8 but have read different dates else were.  This new graphic novel acts as preludes to the movie.  There is four short stories following each of the main characters in the movie, Max, Furiosa, Nux and Immortan Joe.  One of the author’s is George Miller.  He is the guy behind all the movie and created them.  So these stories should be good.  Will be buying this for sure.  The more Mad Max the better.

Mad Max

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Mad_Max_Game.jpgHave decided to buy myself a copy of Mad Max.  After watching some game play videos.  Then after  watching Mad Max: Fury Road.  Which is super awesome by the way.  I had to play this game.  It come out on September 1, 2015 the same say as another huge game, Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain.  Which all so looks good but not a real fan of those games.  Plus the price they wanted is way to high.  They wanted $75.00 plus tax.  It’s bad enough games for this gen hardware are $70.00.   Why should we have to pay more even if it’s only five dollars more.

Back on track.  Mad Max is a blast to play so far.  For being set in a desert wasteland there is a lot to look at and things to do.  There are lots of things to collect.  All of which can be used to upgrade your car/yourself or the main bases.  Driving the car is very fun.  Which is a good thing since you will be doing a lot of that.  My favourite thing to do so far is to take over the small enemies bases.  Once you do it becomes friendly and every so often give you more scrap (the in game money).  The combat is not bad.  Have just finished play Batman: Arkham Knight before playing this game.  The combat in both games has a similar base.  Mad Max is no ware as good.  However is still fun.  Enjoying the game. Well worth the money.

Mad Max: Fury Road Review

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Mad_Max_Fury_RoadHave been waiting to see Mad Max: Fury Road even since I seen the first trailer back in August 2014.  The movie came out in theatres in May 2015.  Planed to seen it then but missed out.  Thought I would have to wait a long time to see it on Blu-ray.  Didn’t have to wait too long because it was out on disc September 1, 2015.  Gave this a watch before playing the game Mad Max.

First off this movie is awesome.  I have seen the other in the series and its is the best one.  The whole movie is a feast for your eyes.  Not just because everything looks cool.  But the way it was filmed.  You can see everything.  They don’t hide in the dark or cut away.  Like all action movie it has be be all about the action and stunts.  This is chock full of crazy crashed, stunts and shoot outs.  Think it is the best action movie that has been made in years.  Just like the past movie I think film makers will be ripping this one off for years to come.  The only thing I didn’t like was, of the little dialog there is was hard to make out.  This movie is well worth owing and very re-watchable.  You don’t have to be fan or seen the old movie.  This one stands on its own.  It is a must watch.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Mad Max – Now Playing

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Mad_Max_Game.jpgHave been on the fence about buying Mad Max (the game) the past few weeks.  That is because the last few trailers were just ok.  I like the idea of the game. Looks like some I would enjoy playing.  The last trailer I seen > here didn’t make it look fun.  However all that has changed because did a Now Playing live stream.  Didn’t watch it live.  But that doesn’t matter because you can still watch it on their site or YouTube.  That is what I did.  After seen real world game play the game looks super fun.  You can check it out > here or below for yourself.  Has all the elements I like.  A big open world, with a big map, with all kinds of things on it to do.  There is upgrading the car and Max.  Lots of things to collect.  The combat looks a lot like the Arkham games.  Which is fine by be because it is a good system.  Guess I am on the buying side of the fence again.  The game will be out September 1, 2015.  The movie Mad Max: Fury Road is on video that day as well.  It will a good day for Mad Max fans.

Mad Max – Stronghold Trailer

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Mad_Max_Game.jpgWith less than a month to go before Mad Max game comes out.  There is a new trailer called Stronghold.  Which you can see > here or below.   While this one doesn’t show much of gameplay.  It does show off some new faces we will meet along the way.  As well as lots of enemies called the War Boys.  The game will be out September 1, 2014.  It does look cool.  Still on the fence about about buying it.  Would like to see more of the gameplay.  Think I might just wait to some reviews are out so there will be some video footage of the game.

Mad Max – E3 2015 Stage Demo

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Mad_Max_Game.jpgLast week from June 16 to 18 (2015) was E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo).  Where was all kinds of great gaming news this year.  With lots of awesome games coming out.  One of which is Mad Max.  Which I am looking forward to playing.  Have to share a video from  Every year they have a stage demos.  Where they talk to the people that the games while someone plays them.  There is one for Mad Max.  In which we can see some of the real gameplay.  Not sure if someone was playing it live while they talked about.  Doesn’t really matter.  We get to see how the car combat works all so how get some some of the upgrades.  They all so explain how the different car upgrades will work.  Not all the part work well together.  It all depends on how you want to play.  All so get to see some of the weapons and a bit of exploring.  The game is set to be out September 1, 2015.  You can see the stage demo > here or below.