Batman vs Robin Review

Batman_vs_Robin.jpgGoing to start off with saying this movie, Batman vs Robin is the best DC Universe Animated movie in a very long time.  Everything about it was great.  As all ways the animation is top notch.  The voice acting was much better than the last Batman and and Robin movie, Son of Batman.  They story has been the strongest in years.  It keep me interested all they way though.  The way they worked in the Court of Owls from The New 52 Batman comic book storyline was the best.  Have read those books so know the plot and how it unfolded.  In this movie they used all the pieces in their own way and it was awesome.

This is the best Batman animated movie in a very long time.  Most of the time once I finish watching one of this movies put it on my shelve.  Then may be re-watch it a year or more later.  This one how every want to watch it again right way.  Just might watch it with audio commentary on.  That is how good the movie is.  If I was talking to someone who not into these movies or comic books.  That may be interested in starting.   This is the one and and Batman: Under the Red Hood would be the ones to watch first.   A must own for any Batman fan.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

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