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Exploding Kittens

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Exploding_Kittens.pngBack again talking about Exploding Kittens.  If you haven’t heard about this you need to check it out now.  It is a card game being made by the guy behind The and two others.  It is now the most backed campaign in Kickstarter’s history.  As of (January 28, 2015) they have over 112,000 backers.  Which has raised about four and a half million dollars.  Taking about this again because I am one of these backers.  They said if they reached 100,000 backers they would turn the NSFW expansion into to a full stand-alone game.  Which can be mixed into the regular game.  Not sure when I well get my copy.  The site says “Estimated delivery: Jul 2015”.  Will get posting updates when I get more news.  There is still time to back this, go > here.  It ends February 19, 2015.

Sony PSP

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Sony_PSPIt was a storm day back on January 27, 2015.   Work was shut down early.  When I got home thought we might lose the power.  Started to charge up my phone and though I should dig out the PlayStation Portable (PSP).  Have not touch this in a very long time.  I am guessing its been years.  Did a search on this blog.  The last time I talked about the PSP was in November 2009.  Once I got it charged up.  Did a check to see if there was any updates.  Did that which didn’t take long at all.  Only own a few games.  So took a look in the PlayStation Store to see what was there.  After looking though that remember why I stopped using it.  It was hard on the hands.   My right had started to cramp up a bit.  Now thinking about buying a Vita again.   Not sure how much I would use it.  But think it would be better to hold.  Still remember buying this on launch day back in March 2005.  Which will be ten years on March 24.  Forgot how much I paid so had to look that up.  Turns out it was $300 at launch.  Not sure what I was thinking back thing.  I guess I fell for the hype.

Queen – Calling All Girls

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Queen-calling_all_girlsHave been listening to a lot of Queen’s music the past few weeks.  For this weeks musical throwback Thursday picking, Calling All Girls.  Haven’t heard this song until a few years ago.  It if off their 1982 album Hot Space.  It wasn’t a big hit and not sure why it wasn’t.  I think it is pretty good.  There is no official video on their YouTube channel.   How ever there are still version still on YouTube.  Check it out > here or below.  While quality of the video is not the great.  There are others you can see/listen by doing a search.

Justice League: Throne of Atlantis

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Justice_League_Throne_Of_AtlantisPicked up myself a copy of the newest DC Universe Animated movie, Justice League: Throne of Atlantis.  It was out on January 27, 2015.  It is a sequel to Justice League: War.  Which was out last February.  As you may know I really enjoy this movies.  How ever some of them are better than others.  But they all ways are well animated and look great.   Waiting for my day off to watch this.  Will be back with a review.  Thinking about re-watching War first.  Just in case I have forgot anything.  If you haven’t seen the trailer.  Check it out > here or below.

PS4 Minecraft

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PS4_MinecraftThis past weekend (January 24 to 26) Sony had their 10% of in the PSN store.  This was the promotion they were having for the PSN being down at Christmas time.  The 10% came off when you when to check out as long as you put the special code in.  The code was easy to find it was right there in the store and all so on the PlayStation Blog.  If you were buying a lot of things this 10% would have a bigger impact.  For me only had $20 in the wallet.  So decided it was time to buy Minecraft.   So saved two dollars off with the 10% code.  Tried the PS3 version of Minecraft back in December 2013.  Have been thinking about getting myself a copy every since.  Haven’t tried the full game yet. Still working my way though Far Cry 4.

2500 Posts

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2500_PostsThis marks the 2500 post of my blog.  Think this is kind of a big deal.  Started this back in January 2008.  So have been at it for seven years.  The goal back then was to see if I could make a post every day and to see how long I can keep this running.  Over the years gotten better at post every day.  For the most part the plan of having four posts typed up ready to go works really well.  Takes the presser off trying to think up something new every day.  The new goal is to reach 3000 posts.  Want to thank everyone who has stopped by.  All so a bigger thank you to people who come back often.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited

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The_Elder_Scrolls_Online_Tamriel_UnlimitedFirst heard about The Elder Scrolls Online back in 2012.  I am a big fan of Skyrim so the idea of playing an online version of that kind of game sounded pretty sweet.  The game was out on PC back in April of 2014.  It was humoured to be coming to the PS4 and Xbox One.  The humoured turned out to be true.  It will be out on June 9, 2015.  It is coming with a new name as well, The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited.   This is because there will be no subscription fees.  When it first came out on PC it had month fees.  Now the PC version will have no subscription as well.  How ever you can still pay extra money for their optional membership package.  Am very interested to see how the game will look and play on a PS4.  In the next few months and sure they will be all kinds of video out.

Exploding Kittens

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Exploding_KittensIf you haven’t heard but Exploding Kittens have taken over the internet.  This is a new card game that is looking for funding on KickStarter.  The game is being made by guy behind The and two other guys.  First seen this on the day it went up on KickStarter January 20, 2015.   The goal was for $10,000.  Which they got in a matter a minutes.  The next day took a look at it again it reached over two million dollars.  I am a big fan of The Oatmeal and his brand of humour.  Own two of his books.  Not really into card games.  However this one I can see myself playing.  Think I will give some money to this project.  The game looks like it will be a blast to play.  You can check it out >here or yourself.  There is all so a video explaining things > here or below.

[Update] January 24, 2015.  The KickStarter pledges is over three and a half million.

On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter Blu-ray

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OnAnySundayTheNextChapter.jpgBack in January of 2011 while watching the documentary channel.  Seen the 1971 motorcycle documentary On Any Sunday.  Which was really good even todays standards.  Then in November 2014 there was a sequel out called On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter.   The people at Red Bull Media House had a hand making this so know it will look really good.   Have been looking forward to one day to watching this.  Just found out it will be out on Blu-ray on February 10, 2015.  Will be ordering myself a copy.  If this is the first time hearing about this check out the trailer > here or below.

Queen – ’39

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Queen_A_Night_At_The_OperaHave been listening to the  Queen Forever deluxe CD for a little while now.  There are so many awesome Queen songs.  Have a heard this song many times over the years.  But have rediscovered, ‘39 which is on the second CD on Queen Forever.  So this is the song I am picking for this weeks musical throwback Thursday.   The song is off their fourth album A Night at the Opera.  Which was released in 1975.  This album is most famous for Bohemian Rhapsody.  Must give this song a listen > here or below.