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Big TV Night

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Tonight (September 30, 2012) is a awesome night if you are a fan of animation.  All the good show start again.  There are the fan favourites The Simpsons with season season 24.  Family Guy with season 11.  American Dad with season 8.  But the one I am looking forward to the most is Bob’s Burgers with season 3.  This show cracks me up every ever episode.  The writing is so smart and the timing of the jokes are what makes is so awesome.

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1 Review

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Wow, this movie Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1 is the best one DC Universe Animated has put out.  I know I say that every time I review one of these but it is so very true this time around.  It is so different than another batman animated or live action for that matter.  The story pulls you in and keeps you there waiting to see what happens next.  The good and bad about this is you want to see more and we will in part two but will have to wait.  Part two will be out some time this winter.

This movie is a pure win.  Every thing about is awesome.  The story, the way the characters are presented, the animation and the soundtrack.  It all fits together so nicely.  Cannot say enough good this about it.  All so cannot think of any thing bad to say.  So go out and see this now.  A must own for any fan.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Yamaha XT225 Wash And Wax

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Has been over a month since I have my Yamaha XT225 motorcycle a wash and wax.  Was off today plus the weather was nice so it was a good day.  Going to looking into trying a different soap the next time I wash it.  Haven’t been to happy with the results I have had the last few times.  After the bike starts to dry I find it leaves spots.  Which makes it still look dirty.  Also going to look into trying a different wax.  The one I have now is more of a polish.  Then again all that might have to wait till next year.  This might be the last time I get a change to wash it.


Assassin’s Creed III – Boston Tea Party Trailer

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Back again with another trailer for Assassin’s Creed 3.   Have been talking about this game for a very long time now.  I am sure here will be more to talk about since the game is close to being out.  It is the end of September now so another month this awesome game will be out.  This newest trailer is much different then the rest.  It doesn’t show off any new game play.  It is more how they wove real history into the games history.  They did a great job at pulling it off.  All so the way they animated the trailer is pretty cool.

Borderlands 2 Update

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Have had put some time into Borderlands 2.  So it is time to give a mini review.  First off while the game might look like the first one but it is so much better.  Did like the first game a lot but I am enjoying this one so much more.  Once you get up past level 5 things get even better.  That’s when you get to unlock all kinds of good stuff.  Then when you get to the hub city the game gives you lots to do.   And the best part it is very funny.  Claptrap is the best.  At one point after a mission he sends you on.  You can go back and talk to him and there is an option to give him a high five.  Did this, Claptrap sticks up his arm and says, “you eared it buddy.”  I  cracked up.  So far I recommend buying this game to any one on the fence about buying it.

The Avengers Blu-ray

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TheAvengers After work today I went to pick up a copy of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1 since it was out today (September 25, 2012).  Then I was the display for The Avengers.  I didn’t see this movie when it was in theatres.  Keep hearing it was so good.  So I was looking the the million different version thinking should I or shouldn’t I buy this as well.  If you can guess from the title of the post I ended up getting it.  Plan to watch it the next day I have off.  So watch out for my review.  But first I have to watch Batman.

GameSpot’s Assassin’s Creed III Travelogue

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I know I just got Borderlands 2, which is and awesome game, but I am so looking forward to getting Assassin’s Creed 3.  Game Spot put out a new video today (September 24, 2012) called Assassin’s Creed III Travelogue.  The video shows off the different environments you will interact with.   This video is better than other so far because it shows real game play.  And man this game is going to be so awesome.  Some highlights to watch for in the video are.  You can pet dogs that are in the streets.  At night when you are in the woods looks just about how it real woods look like at night.  Then there is the water when you get in the boat.

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1

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All most forgot that the DVD/Blu-ray of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1 will be out Tuesday, September 25, 2012.  This is the latest in DC Universe Animated movies. Think this might bet lost in the shuffle since it comes out the same day The Avengers comes out. Want to see that to since I didn’t seen it when it came to theatres. How ever these DC movies are all ways good.  Looking forward to check this one out.  The only bummer is have to wait for the spring for part two to come out.  Think I will have to look into reading the graphic novel it based on.  This is the 15th movie these guys have put out.  I think I just about every one.

Willow – Sweater

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WillowWeTheYoung Stumbled on the video called Sweater by the Belgian band Willow.  The song is off their debut album We The Young.  Found this video very interesting to watch.  Have never seen anything like it.  They way it was shot is pretty cool.  The guy in the video is in one room with a tread mill on the floor.  They have three projectors beaming the world he interacts with.  All so the song is pretty good.  Check it out you might like the song or thing the video is cool.

Cell Phone

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I have had my cell phone a LG Optimus One for all most a month now.  This is my first cell phone.  I think I made a good choose when I bought this one.  I am on a Koodo prepaid plan.  At the store they had two chooses of phones, the LG and a Samsung.  Went with the LG because it has a much better battery, smaller and just looked cooler.  Have only sent/received text messages on it and the battery lasts for days.  With the prepaid plans I went with the base plan of $15 a month for unlimited messaging.  Then I can add on minutes of talk time if I wish.  This my the best option for me.  So far I recommend Koodo and the prepaid option to everyone.