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Borderlands 3

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Am talking about Borderlands 3 again.  In my last post said the, ”game is pretty much the same.  However it seems better at the same time.”  in compared to the last games.  Well need to make a change to that.  After put in about 13 hours the games is thousand times better.  Had fun the whole time I have been playing it.  All so have not plans to stop.  Find the controls nice and smooth.  The menu system is a bit clunky but you can get used to it.  While all the missions are all pretty much the game.  Get and item and shoot the bad guys/things. The stories around them are funny.   If you can find this game cheap like I did it is well worth the money.

Borderlands 3 Hands On

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A few posts back talked about picking up a copy of Borderlands 3.  In that post said I wasn’t sure when I would get around to playing it.  Well gave it a try.  Was a friends out handout so we decided to give it a go on his PS4.  We played some split screen.  Must say it worked great and was very smooth.  The next day loaded it on to my PS4.  If if you have played the other Borderlands game it pretty much the same.  However it seems better at the same time.  Put a few hours into and seems to be having more fun than I did with the others ones I played.  Going to keep going with it.  Well until the new patch for Cyberpunk 2077 comes out

Borderlands 3

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Borderlands_3The first game pick up for the new year is Borderlands 3.  Do like this series but not a big fan to buy it day one.  Since it was going cheap picked up a copy.  From what I remember seeing back before it came out 2019 the game seems much better than the ones before it.  Like the idea of everyone having their own loot.  It is all so leveled to your character if you are playing with someone else.  Not sure when I will get around to try it but will be back with an update.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection

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Borderlands_Handsome_CollectionHave added another game to my growing PlayStation collection.  The game is Borderlands: The Handsome.   This is an upgraded versions of Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel will all the DLC for each one.  Do own a copy of Borderlands one and two on the PS3.  The last time I played the second game was in 2012.  From what I can remember did have fun playing them.  All most bought this a few times on the PlayStation Store.  But much rather have games on disc.  Well I seen this copy going for $30.00 just had to have it.  The best thing about it is four player split screen.  So the next game night will be bringing it a long.

Borderlands 2 Update

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Have had put some time into Borderlands 2.  So it is time to give a mini review.  First off while the game might look like the first one but it is so much better.  Did like the first game a lot but I am enjoying this one so much more.  Once you get up past level 5 things get even better.  That’s when you get to unlock all kinds of good stuff.  Then when you get to the hub city the game gives you lots to do.   And the best part it is very funny.  Claptrap is the best.  At one point after a mission he sends you on.  You can go back and talk to him and there is an option to give him a high five.  Did this, Claptrap sticks up his arm and says, “you eared it buddy.”  I  cracked up.  So far I recommend buying this game to any one on the fence about buying it.

Borderlands 2

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Picked up a copy of Borderlands 2.  Have been looking forward to getting his game for a long time.  Have let to play it.  Will be back it a “part two” of this post to give an update on that.  Got it at Wal-Mart.  This is the third time I got a game at Wal-Mart that came with another game.  The only problem is those extra games I got is I have those games all ready.  Borderlands 2 comes with Borderlands.  Would give those three games way but don’t know any one with a PS3.


Played about an hour and half so far.  It is pretty much like the first one.  Has the same look and feel.  But there are some changes that seems to make it play better.  Going though your loot is much better.  Just like the first game you will be going back and forth to sell and or buy things.  One thing that stands out is how funny it is.  I cracked up when you are going though the first part of the game with Claptrap.  Very funny writing.  Pretty sure I will be back again at some point talking about this game.

Borderlands 2 Introduction

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Am interested in get of copy of Borderlands 2 when it comes out in September 18, 2012.  After watching a bunch of videos the game looks very cool and some much better than the first one.  That one is an awesome game.  Looks like they add a ton of new and improved stuff.  My only concern is it looks like it might be a hard game. Don’t mind a challenge but if it becomes frustrating that is when I turn a game off and will not play it again.  How ever the the newest video Borderlands 2 an Introduction to Sir Hammerlock makes a strong impression.  Check it out > here or below.

Borderlands 2 – Doomsday Trailer

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Borderlands2 They released a trailer called Doomsday for Borderlands 2.   Have to say it looks pretty good.  Liked the first game a lot even thou I never finished it.  This new one looks like more of the same but with a lot/ a lot more.  Happy to see that two player split screen is back as with four player online co-op.  It will be out September 18, 2012.  Just might pick it up.  If you do what they did when the first game came out.  They put it out cheap for a week or so.  Think it was around $40.  Not bad for a new game.  Hope they do that again.  But then again may be not since it is popular now.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

PS3 Bluetooth Headset

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PS3Mic Picked up the Official Playstation 3 Bluetooth Headset today (Dec 28, 2009).  It was a Christmas gift to myself.  I have let to open.  That is my plan after type this.  Wasn’t sure about buying one since I don’t play online that much.  How ever a guy I know has one and said it works great.  He is thinking about buy Borderlands.  In case he does I will be able to talk to him.  Also I got Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.  Haven’t tried that game yet since I all so got Dragon Age: Origins.  I tried that one first.  I am sure once I give it a go, I’ll have a review up.

Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked

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Cage-The-Elephant I love the song Ain’t No Rest for the Wiched by Cage the Elephant.  I first hear it in the opening for Borderlands.  I love this game.  Have had it for awhile now.  Plan to write a review at some point.