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Halloween 2017

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It is Halloween.  Every year for years now have watched Shaun of the Dead on this day.  But thinking it might be time to watch a scary movie.  Not really into those.  But why not tonight.  There is all kinds on Netflix.  Just hard to choose one.  While not a big fan of Halloween.  What I like most about it is the half price candy the next day.

Matthew Good – Decades

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Matthew_Good_Something_Like_A_StormJust found out that Matthew Good has a new album out.  It is called Something Like a Strom.  It was released just a few days back on October 20, 2017.  He put out two official music videos for two songs a few months back.  But didn’t hear about them until now.  The second of out is called Decades.  Really like this song.  Which is why I am blog about it.  Over the years have like many of this songs.  This is now my new favorite.  You can give it a listen/watch > here or below.

Long Time Running Second Air Data

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If you missed The documentary, Long Time Running, about The Tragically Hip’s last tour.  You are in luck.  It will air again on November 12, 2017.  Then after that you will be able to stream it on Crave TV and on and  I have watched it.  This is a very important documentary to watch.  Even if you do not who the Hip or Gord Downie are.

Four Years Of GTA Online And Halloween Specials

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Four_Years_Of_GTA_OnlineWell Grand Theft Auto Online has bee around for four years now.  I still play it just about every week or so.  To celebrate this and Halloween RockStar Games are doing something special.  If you log in a play GTA Online between October 27th and November 6th, 2017. They will give you $400,000 GTA money.  Which will be put into your Maze Bank account between Nov 6th and 13th.  All so, when you login the will give four T-shirts.  There is more.  A new adversary mode called Condemned.  There are discounts on some properties and all kinds of vehicles.  But the coolest thing the are adding is the new Vigilante car.  It kind of looks the the Tim Burton’s Batmobile.  Not sure how much it will cost but will have to get one.  You can read the official blog post > here.

Assassin’s Creed Origins

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Got myself a copy of Assassin’s Creed Origins.  Have been looking forward to playing this for months now.  Yesterday watched some gameplay streams/reviews.   Not anyone’s with spoilers.  Wanted to see how it looked and played.  Have a few minutes I knew it would be right up my ally.  So today went over and bought a copy on my lunch break.  Will be back with an update once I get it installed and try a bit of it.

The Rankin Family – The Mull River Shuffle

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The_Rankin_Family_North_CountryTime once again for musical throwback Thursday.  Have picked a really good one this week.  It is The Mull River Shuffle by The Rankin Family.  The song is a pretty big deal around here and across Canada.  It is one of those song that has be been sung a big events.  Mainly used as the last song of the night.  It is off their third album, North Country, released in 1993.  There is no official music video.  Did find an ok version on YouTube.  Which was film at TV special in Vancouver.  You can see that > here or below.

Marvel’s The Punisher Trailer #2

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Near the end of September (2017) Netflix put out the first trailer for The Punisher.  You can see that > here if you missed it.  At the end of the trailer there is a release date which is blacked out except the year, 2017.  Well last week (October 19th) they put out a second trailer.  Which shows a lot more of the storyline.  But more importantly a date, November 17, 2017.  You can see this new trailer > here or below.

Gotham Season Four Update

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As I am typing this (October 24, 2017) four episodes of Gotham season four have aired.  I must say, have been very impressed with the all of them.  Have like the past seasons.  However at times there were some problems.  They seamed to be all over the place with the storylines. This season it is flowing much better.  Very much hope this keep this going for the whole season.  If so it will be the best one yet.

The Dark Tower Blu-ray

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The_Dark_Tower_Blu-rayWhile The Dark Tower movie didn’t do so well in the theaters.  I still want to watch it.  Have read the first book in The Dark Tower series, called The Gunslinger.  Did like the book and would like to read the others.  Can see why these books would be hard to turn into a movie.  It mixes western, sci-fi and fantasy really well together.  Wasn’t to sure when this movie would be out on Blu-ray/DVD.  Turns out every soon.  It will be out on digital platforms on October 17, 2017.  The on disc October 31.  Will be back with a review when I get to see it.

Treehouse of Horror XXVIII

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Halloween is bit more than a week away.  So it is time for a TV tradition.   The Simpsons will air this years Treehouse of Horror episode tonight (October 22, 2017).  This will the 28th one.  Watch these every year.  For a few years they would air for some reason after Halloween.  While I am not a big fan of this day.  Do enjoy some of the special on TV.  Before The Simpsons air there will be a Halloween themed Bob’s Burgers as well.  Which is all ways awesome.