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Gotham Season 5 Final Two Episodes

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The very last season for Gotham (Season 5) is all most over.  There are two episodes left.  One on April 18, 2019, then the last on 25th.  Which happens to be the 100th episodes.  This is a big deal in the TV world.  Have been a fan of the show since it started.  Sure there have been some not so great episodes.  However over all as a whole it was been very good.  Season five has been the best yet.  Will be sad to see it go.  Just happy that it got to have a finale.  They put out a special trailer out.  Which you can see > here or below.  Looking forward to see what happens.  May be we will see “Batman” in the last few frames.

Gotham Season 5 Movie Trailer

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The last season of Gotham, season five, is all most here.  January 3, 2019 is the day it starts.  Awhile back they put out a small teaser trailer. Which was mostly a recap.  Now there is a full trailer out.  You can see it > here or below.  Must day it looks like they pulled out all the stops. You can see that they have just about every Batman bad guy in there.  The season will be short will only 12 episodes.  The other four season had 22.  It so few episodes to wrap things up.  Think they are going to go at a fast pace and cut out the blot that was in the past seasons.  Can’t wait to see what happens.

Gotham Season Season 5 Update

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In my last post talking about season five of Gotham.  Didn’t know the air date or how many episodes there will be. That has changed now.  This final season will start January 3, 2019 and will consist of 12 episodes.  The other four season had 22.  If you didn’t see my last post they put our a trailer.  You can see it > here.  Most of which was a recap of the past season.  With the last few seconds on this new season.  Thinking they will put out all the stops for this one.  Since they know it there last and have less time to tell more stories.  Thinking it will be pretty good.  Can’t wait to see what happens next.

Gotham Season Season 5 Trailer

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If you don’t know season five of Gotham will be it’s last.  This sucks because I really like this show.  But on a good note they know it’s their last.  So they will be able to tie all the storylines up.  They put out a trailer for this season.  Looks like they are pulling out all the stops.  You can see the trailer > here or below.  Most of the trailer is a recap of the past seasons.  With the new stuff at the end.  Not sure when it will start up again.  At the end of the video it says mid season premiere.  So may be December or January.  As for the how many episodes there will be.  The other four at 22.  I am guess this last season will have far less.

Gotham Season Four Review

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The fourth season of Gotham ended this past Thursday (May 17, 2018).  Must say this was the best season yet.  All the story arcs have been good.  They all flowed at a good pace.  Like how they didn’t try a cram too much at one time.  All so all the actors have gotten their characters down.  Another thing I liked about this season there was less silly things going on.

Am looking forward to seeing what season five will bring.  Fox announced that the fifth season will be it’s last.  This sucks because this is an awesome show.  One good thing about this is, the writers can craft an ending to the show.  A lot of times TV shows don’t know if there will be back for a final so they never get any a good ending.  If you haven’t seen this show yet, do so.  Think the first few seasons are on Netflix.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Gotham Season Four

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Season four of Gotham has been off the air since early December (2017).   Ever since then there hasn’t been any news on then on when the second half will start.  A few days back on the Gotham Facebook they announced that the show will be back March 1, 2018.  This seems like a very long wait.  That being said this season has been the strongest it has ever been.  All the story arcs has flowed some much better.  So thinking this second half will been even better with the the time they have in-between the first and second half.

2018 TV Shows

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It is a new year.  So most of the shows I like should be coming back on with their second half of their seasons.  I know that Arrow and The Flash will be back on in the middle of January.  Not sure when Gotham will start up again.  Have read that it will be early 2018.  But it will be a longer wait for The Walking Dead.  That doesn’t start again until February 25, 2018.

Gotham Season Four Update

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As I am typing this (October 24, 2017) four episodes of Gotham season four have aired.  I must say, have been very impressed with the all of them.  Have like the past seasons.  However at times there were some problems.  They seamed to be all over the place with the storylines. This season it is flowing much better.  Very much hope this keep this going for the whole season.  If so it will be the best one yet.

Gotham Season Four

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It is all most September (2017) so new and returning TV shows will be starting to air.  Have noticed a lot are not starting until then end of the month.  Others are waiting until October.  Have read that Gotham which will be back with season four which starts back September 21, 2017.  This would be a Thursday night.  The first three season aired on Mondays on CTV.  Not to sure it CTV will move it to Thursdays.  They might be.  Will find out at some point soon.  Looking forward to this new season.  The show has it good and bad episodes.  However over all it is still fun to watch.

Gotham Season Three News

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GOTHAM.jpgWell season three of Gotham is on a break again.  The first part of the season end back in November (2016).  Then it was back on with three episodes at the end of January into February.  Those three episodes were the best ones they ever done.  So I am hoping the keep the trend up with the shows starts up again on April 24, 2016.  It will be a very long wait.  But there is not much we can do about that.