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Dragon Shout App

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Heard about a new app coming out called Dragon Shout for iOS and Android.  It is used for the game Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.  What the app is, is a map of Skryim that you interact with.  Marking quests, items and what not.   Then you can share it with others and you can see others map marks.  Sound pretty cool.  I think it is going to be free when it comes out.  Not sure when that is but will yet you know when it does.  If it is free I will be getting it.

From their Twitter account, “Dragon Shout App is a Skyrim mobile app that lets users drop journal markers on a custom drawn Skyrim map. Share markers with people in your party and more.”

The Walking Dead Season Two: Mid Season Review

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Episode seven of season two of The Walking Dead aired Sunday night (November 27, 2011).  So this marks the ending of the first half of the season.  The next six will start airing February 12, 2012.   I knew episode seven was going to end with a bang and boy did it ever.  This season has been so awesome so far.  It can only get better.  What I like most about this season so far is they get to let the characters grow.  If you have not seen these first bunch episodes you need to check them out.  Will buy buying this season comes out on Blu-ray and or DVD.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Winterized My Motorcycle

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That time a year again. Winterized my Yamaha XT225 motorcycle yesterday (November 27, 2011).  Did all the usual stuff.  Like change the oil, clean the filter, put additive in the gas tank and took out the battery.  (Note to self) Need a new spark plug in the spring.  All so thing I should get the bike in the shop for a once over in the spring.  To get the cables, breaks and what not checked out.  Just to be safe.

So now let the winter withdrawal begin.  Well spend most of the winter looking at the new models coming out.  Watching motorcycle videos and looking for used motorcycles I “could buy” to use in the winter.

Simon’s Cat In Catnap

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It is a good day.  Just found and watched the new Simon’s Cat video called Simon’s Cat in “Catnap”.  Like the last video > here it stars Cat and the new kitten.  It is shorter then the last few video but very cute non the less.  Thinking about picking up the new book, Simon’s Cat in Kitten Chaos as a Christmas gift for my father.  Got him the first book last year and he really like it.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

After The Storm

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A few days ago I posted some pictures of the big snow storm we had here November 23/24 of 2011.  Well I all so took some video as well.  Using my GoPro HD Hero 960 sitting on top of my Lensse MidX camera stabilizer.  It still blows me away how the GoPro can turn out such a clear video and be so small.  When I am editing and footage from the GoPro it doesn’t look that good in the editing program.  That is because of compression and what not.  When I out put the final project it is shocking to see how good it looks.  Like some past videos I have uploaded it to Vimeo and YouTube.


Vodpod videos no longer available.


Vodpod videos no longer available.

Dear Santa, Go F&#$ Yourself Tour

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TrailerParkBoys Saw the Trailer Park Boys: Dear Santa, Go F&#$ Yourself Tour last night (November 24, 2011).  Have to start off saying I never really watched the show but do know who all the characters are and have seen the first movie.  When the show first started it seemed like it was all over the place.  After a bit realized that the way it was planed to be.  There was some great audience participation.  Part of the show was from them to make money by selling 60/40 tickets.   All lot of the show improvised with the audience.  When Mr. Laney was going around taking peoples drinks it was too funny.  During one part of the show it was chased off stage, as he was running way he ran by the bar set up by the back.  Some guy was buy a beer and he ran up and took it.  The look on the bar tenders face was too funny.

Near the end of the show they were going to draw for their now 80/20 draw.  They called out the number.  No one came up so they called out another number and this lady runs up on stage.  Starts to grope Bubbles and hanging off them.  She didn’t have the winning ticket, she just wanted to get near them.  So Mr. Laney takes her of the stage and walks around with her.  She wouldn’t let go of his hand.   When they did finely get a winning ticket they gave he $5.  To funny.

The only thing I didn’t like was the people taking all though the show. I was thinking, if you are going to play for ticket for about and hour and half show, shut up.  You can talk and time.  Did take some pictures.  But the place of dark and I was far way.  So the ones below are the best of the bunch.



Snow November 24, 2011

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We have a “bit” of a snow storm last night/today (November 23 and 24, 2011).  From what I was reading it is some kind of record.  It was close to 40 cm.  Went out and took some picture, which are below.  All so took some video as well.  Going to go though that as see what I can make.  So if you check back often you will see it at some point.