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Arrow and The Flash

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Arrow.jpgThere is so many new and coming back TV shows it hard to watch them all.  There is a handful that I will be watching.  The Arrow is one of them.  It is heading into it’s forth season.  Really like this show from day one.  Sure it can be not so great in spots but it gets better with every season.  Am hoping the fourth season they try some different things.  The season kicks off October 7, 2015.

Another show I can’t wait to see is The Flash.  This is an awesome show.  Think this had the best first season of any new show I have seen.  Besides The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones.  I know season two will be even better.  Now that they got everything setup  and the characters are all great.  The season starts October 6, 2015.

Yamaha XT225 Wash And Wax

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2006-xt225-usa-dpbmc-3.jpgThe weather was super nice today (September 29, 2015) around 26°C.  Was off work as well so had to take advantage and wash my Yamaha XT225.   Haven’t washed it since June.  Mind you it wasn’t too dirty.  Didn’t get stuck in any big rain storms this year (so far).  All so decided  it was time for a wash because yesterday getting ready to leave work seen that a bird had diarrhea all over the seat.  At first It looked like someone spilt coffee.   Was pretty gross.  Got some handy wipes from work.  Which got most of it off.  Not sure how long this nice weather will last.  But hoping until the end of October.  However think that is wishful thinking.   If I could ride my motorcycle all year I would.



The Muppets First Episode Impressions

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The_Muppets.jpgIt has been a very long time since The Muppets have been on TV.  When I first heard they were coming back and then seen some of the clips.  It looks very awesome and funny.  I like they style they are filming the show.  Has a The Office vibe to it and is more adult in the content.  The first episode aired September 22, 2015.

Was every impressed with the whole show.  It has everything that makes The Muppets awesome in there.  Plus it an update look.  Like all Muppet TV shows it has then putting on a show.  This time it happens to be a late night talk show hosted by Miss Piggy.  Each week they have a famous guest star.  All The Muppets are in there even Statler and Waldorf making fun of Fozzie Bear.   Think the show will get funnier as it goes along.  Will be watching for sure.

Fear The Walking Dead

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Fear_The_Walking_Dead.pngThe first season of Fear The Walking Dead is all most over.  As I am typing this (September 24, 2015) there are only two episodes left.  It is a short season with only six episodes.  The Walking Dead started out the same way.  Am very impressed with this show.  All the characters are really good.  Just know something bad is going to happen to a lest one of them.  All so like how were get to see how things unfolded during the first few weeks of the outbreak.  Seeing how military comes into play is very interesting as well.  Not sure how the season will end.  But my guess things are going to fall apart pretty fast.

Happy Batman Day 2015

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Batman_Day_2015Today (September 26, 2015) is Batman Day.  A lot of places online are have sales on just about everything Batman.  As you may know I am a big fan so I to take advantage.  Over at DC Comics online book store > here.  They have an 80% off single digital issues. So they are going for $0.99.  They all so a sale on Batman eBooks (the digital version of a trade paperback).  There are 18 to choose from, all going for $3.99.  Had some money left over on my Google Play account.  So bought two eBooks though DC Comics app on my tablet.  Bought, Batman Eternal Volume 1 and Volume 2.  Have been thinking about buying these for awhile off of   At the moment they want $40.75 for vol.1 and $35.99 for vol.2.  So save a lot of money.   Have know I idea what the story is about so hope it’s good.

Lethal Enforcers II: Gun Fighters

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Lethal_Enforcers_II_Gun_FightersA few nights ago go got to play an old Sega Genesis game, which my brother and I had but ended up selling.  It was 1994’s  Lethal Enforcers 2: Gun Fighters.  This is an port of the arcade game.  Back in the day they would be full of light gun games.  All ways like those type of games.  So being able to play on at home was cool.  Even if we didn’t have a light gun.  The game let you play two player with controllers.  The graphics don’t hold up that well but are very interesting at the same time.  Of the most part the background are real pictures with animated parts on top.  The bad guys you shoot are sprites. With about four frames of animation.   Still think it is a fun game to pick up an play every now again.  If you never seen it in action or want to see it again there are lots of video out there.  You can see on of those > here or below.

Sonique – It Feels So Good

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Sonique_It_Feels_So_GoodIt is musical throwback Thursday time again.  This weeks pick is It Feels So Good by Sonique.  This song if off her first album in 2000 called Hear My Cry.  However it was first out as a single in 1998.  I remember this being a huge hit back then.  Sometimes electronic music does age well.  This one isn’t in that category.  Is an awesome song then and now.  Give it a listen > here or below.

Bob’s Burgers Season Six

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BobsBurgers.jpgAll the Sunday animated shows will be starting soon, September 27, 2015.  Looking forward the most to Bob’s Burgers.  It is the best one of the bunch.  Been a fan since the very first episode.  Now we are heading in to season six.  The show gets better and better every season.  Not sure what craziest they will get up to this season.   Might be hard to top lasts seasons.   The Simpsons and Family guy all so start that night as well.

Fallout 4 S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Video Series

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Fallout_4Not sure why I haven’t talked about Fallout 4 until now.  It was one if not the biggest games revealed at this years E3 (2015).  The game looks so awesome and I know will be fun to play.  While I have Fallout 3 could never get into it.  However am a very big fan of their games.  Like The Elder Scrolls series.  The game will be out November 10, 2015.  Will be buying a copy for sure.  One of the cool things they are doing for the came comes out.  Is put at a series of very funny videos.  Called the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Video Series.  Special is an acronym for “Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility and Luck”.  This are attributes you use to upgrade your character.  So far (as I am typing this Sept 17, 2015) they have put out two videos.  One for Strength and Perception.  They are animated and funny as hell.  But all so very helpful to those you might not have played any of these games before.  You can see the two (so far) > here and here or below.



Resurrection Of Jake The Snake

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Resurrection_Of_Jake_The_SnakeThis past week was  at a local wresting show.  The big draw was that Jake The Snake Roberts was going to be there.  The man is 60 years old.  So we knew how his match would do down.  Which is fine and was till very entertaining.  On the back of his shirt he had a website.  Which links to a new documentary about him called Resurrection of Jake The Snake.  I think any fan of wresting knows who he is and that he has battled drugs and alcohol.  This documentary is all about his coming to terms and recovering.  Watched the trailer > here and it looks very interesting.  Want to see it.  It is out know in limited release.  Am sure it will be on demand and DVD at some point soon.