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Saints Row 2

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SaintsRow2 I picked up Saints Row 2 about three weeks ago.  Found the greatest hits version in the cheap bin a  Wal-Mart.  I couldn’t pass the deal up.  $24 is a fair price since the game is a few years old now.  The reason I picked it up was because I finished Assassins Creed 2 and Grand Theft Auto Episodes from Liberty City was pushed back a few weeks so I need something to fill the void.

This games is pretty fun.  Not as nice and slick like GTA 4.  How it is way over the top.  There are so many crazy things you can do.  My favourite thing is to grab people and then throw them just to see how far the go.  If you have not tried Saints Row 2 and see in the cheap bin you can’t go wrong.

Red Dead Redemption Screens

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There are some new screen shots that came out yesterday (March 29, 2010) for Red Dead Redemption.  These show off how you can get Achievements (XBox 360) and Trophies (PS3) by doing some of the in-game challenges.  They all so posted a good sized list but not all the trophies/achievements you can get.  You can see that > here.

Off Road Video

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Yesterday I had a post talking about the off road video.  Well it is done and uploaded to You Tube.  It turned out ok.  I edited really quickly so it might not be my best work.  If you are wondering that the song is.  It is How you like me now? by The Heavy.  Not sure if You Tube will let me keep the song in the video but we will find out at some point.

Off Road

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Was filming and taking some pictures of some off roading today (March 28, 2010).  It was fun.  There was a bit of mud out so we tried to get some pictures and video the mud flying.  One picture turned out good (that is posted below). As I am typing this the video is being uploaded to You Tube.  So I will posted that tomorrow.

One eskimO – Kandi

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OneEskimo I am really liking the song Kandi by the group One eskimO.  The video for this song is part of their visual album.  The visual album is called The adventures of One eskimO.  It has a video for all the songs telling one story.  Did some research this is only available to download in the states.  How ever you can still buy the regular old CD or download.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The Men Who Stare At Goats Review

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TheMenWho I haven’t seen a movie like The Men Who Stare at Goats in a very long time.  It is a very fun watch.  It has some funny laugh out load  moments and then some funny but silly moments.  They all so mix in some very serious stuff.  The story is just fun to watch and wonder what crazy thing will happen next.  There has been some hate at this movie.  But I think this movie will end up being a cult classic.

This is a great watch but might not be for everyone.  I say it a most definitely a very good rent.

4 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Red Dead Redemption Gentlemen & Vagabonds

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RedDeadNewCover There is a great new trailer out for Red Dead Redemption.  This one is called Gentlemen & Vagabonds.  It shows off more of the people you will interact with.  This game keeps blowing me away with the level of detail.  From the peoples face right down to the paint on the wagon is unreal.   This game is going to be off the hook.

All so they put out what the cover of the game will look it.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Arcade Aid Challenging Quiz

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AradeAid I seen a link posted on Face Book for a flash based trivia quiz about video games.  It is very interesting.  All the answers are titles of video games.  I gave it a try and only got 7 so far.  I give you an example.  There is a clock on the side of a building that is cut in half.  This one I got right way.  The answer is Timesplitters.  You can give the quiz a try > here.

*side note*  I have 30 out of 56 now.

The Heavy – How You Like Me Now?

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TheHeavy Was trying to think of something to say today then remembered a song I really like.  it is called How You Like Me Now? by the band called The Heavy.  This song was used in some TV shows and a KIA commercial.  So if you think you have heard it before that might be the reason why.


New Swirled Order

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NewSwirledOrder Watched the documentary about crop circles yesterday called New Swirled Order.  You can watch it for free on You Tube (here).  You can all so buy the DVD, that comes with all kinds of extras.  As for the documentary its self is pretty interesting.  They are not one sided like I though it was going to be.  They show circles that were man made for sure.  Then they show ones that are just crazy cool looking.  They all so explain how they might have been made and what some of them mean.  It gets you thinking.