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Trail Run Two

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At it again with an new trail run video.  All the snow was gone from last time.  So that left a lot more mud.  Took a few short clips, mashed them together.  I think it turn out interesting.  Take a look to see if you like it.

Trail Run

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Yesterday (Nov21, 2010) my cousin took his Geo out for a spin in the mud and snow.  Took my video camera along.   Got a few short clips.  He past me his digital camera that shoots continuous shots.  That was going good until the shifter broke right off the Geo.  Only a little piece of the metal bar was stilling out.  That was the end of that run.  However I put the shots I took into a short but sweet video.

Off Road Video

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Yesterday I had a post talking about the off road video.  Well it is done and uploaded to You Tube.  It turned out ok.  I edited really quickly so it might not be my best work.  If you are wondering that the song is.  It is How you like me now? by The Heavy.  Not sure if You Tube will let me keep the song in the video but we will find out at some point.

Off Road

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Was filming and taking some pictures of some off roading today (March 28, 2010).  It was fun.  There was a bit of mud out so we tried to get some pictures and video the mud flying.  One picture turned out good (that is posted below). As I am typing this the video is being uploaded to You Tube.  So I will posted that tomorrow.


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Three of us went on a short but fun road trip/adventure yesterday (May 31, 2009).  We went for a run to Canoe Lake.  This was my first real off road trip. I had my Yamaha XT 225 and the other to guys were in a Geo Tracker.  The road was great in some spots.  How ever there were a lot of rocky parts with big loose rocks.  There were some big puddles as well.   Only had two scary moments one was with my first crossing at a mud puddle.  The bike slipped a bit in the mud.  The next one was on one or the rocky spots.   Going up a hill a rock shot out side ways from my back tire causing the bike to kick out.  We stopped at a friends fathers hunting cabin.  I haven’t been there in years.  The poor out house has seen better days.  The second broken down cabin is the Burk’s grandparents from way back in the day.  Here are a few pictures.  Would have liked to get more of us driving/action shots but oh well.

It’s A GEO

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It’s a GEO video is finished. I posted the speak peak video about a week and a half ago. I spent hours working on this. And I must say it turned out pretty good. There is two small edits I am not to happy with, but its not that big of a deal. There is some more footage I didn’t use, so I might be able to get two more smaller videos out it. So check it out.