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Pancake Day 2017

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pancake.jpgIt is my second favourite day of the year, Pancake Day, or Shrove Tuesday to some.  Every since I can remember I loved this day.  Eating pancakes for supper was a treat.  Over the year have gotten pretty good a making them.  For most of them have been using this recipe > here.  Think this time will make extra.  Freeze them for another day.

New Project

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youtube.jpgHave started the early work on a new project.  It is something I have wanted to do for awhile now.  My brother and I are going to be doing a YouTube channel.  We are just getting some idea together.  Like what we would like the name, what we would like to film and that kind of stuff.  Think it will be very funny to do.  The main idea is he will be the “star” and I will be behind the scenes/tech guy.  Will keep updating as we make more progress.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Open Beta Hands On

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Tom_Clancys_Ghost_Recon_Wildlands.jpgTalking about Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands once again.  Because the open beta is going on now.  February 23 to 27, 2017.  Did play the closed beta so I knew what to except.  All the same content from the closed beta is there.  However they had some new stuff to look at.  Within another province.  This game can be played single player.  It is all designed to be played co-op as well.  So this time around got to try that feature out with my brother.  It changes the way I played the game.  Team work in name of the game.  You can stick together or you go your separate ways.  Attacking from different areas.

The Walking Dead Volume 27: The Whisperer War

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The_Walking_Dead_Volume_27_The_Whisperer_WarThe next volume of The Walking Dead comic book will be out soon.  This is Volume 27: The Whisperer War.  According to will be be released on March 7, 2017.  The last two volumes out I tried to order on they day they were to be released.  But didn’t get very far because there were sold out.  You can pre-order but not a fan of that.  Will try once again on they day it’s out.  If its not here will just wait.

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Machine

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Philips_Respironics_DreamStationGot the results back from the sleep apnea test I did last month.  Now get to try out a CPAP machine.  That stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure.   It is a small machine with is attached to a hose and mask.  Which you wear while you sleep.  Have heard lots of people say they make a big difference.  The machine is about the size of o WiiU.   You can see the one I have > here.  It is pretty straight forward to use.  Get to try it for four weeks.  The go from there.  Will be trying it out the first time tonight.  So will be back with a new post on how it goes.

Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers – Islands In The Stream

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Dolly_Parton_Kenny_Rogers_Islands_In_The_StreamIt is throwback Thursday once again.  The song this week is Islands in the Stream by Dolly Paton and Kenny Rogers.  Have heard this song a few time over the years.  But never knew the name.  Thought it was sail away with me.   Heard a small clip of this song there other day.  So looked it up.  Have to say this is an awesome song.  When they sing together there is some thing special there.  This is off Kenny Rogers 1983 album called Eyes That See in the Dark.   You can see then singing this song live > here or below.

2017 National Hockey Card Day

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2017_National_Hockey_Card_DayBack on February 18, 2017.  While in the local comic book store.  The guy has the desk asked if I follow hockey.  I said, no, but used to when  I was a kid.  He said it is, National Hockey Card Day.   Have never heard of this.  Had to look it up when I got home.  Turns out Upper Deck has been doing this for six years.  When you got to a participating store you get a free pack of cards.  So I got a five pack of cards plus a check list card.  Have not open one of these in a very long time.  It was kind of fun.   Even knew who four of the five players are.  According the the check list there are 19 cards in the set.