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KONGOS – Come With Me Now

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KONGOS_Come_With_Me_NowIf you seen any of the trailers for The Grand Tour and have wondered what song was playing in the background.  It is Come With Me Now by the KONGOS.  Which is off their 2012 album Lunatic.  Have to never heard this song until the trailers came out.  But turns out this song was been used a lot in TV shows, movies and spots events.  You can see/listen to the video > here or below.

Just Cause 3 Hands On

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Just_Cause_3.jpgPicked up a copy of Just Cause 3 a few weeks ago, for pretty cheap.  Have been looking forward to playing this game ever since I see gameplay video.  Got around to giving it a go the other day.  First of it looks amazing.  Very bright and vibrant.   These game seem like they would be just like another other third person action game.  However these games turn it up a few notches.  It is all out chaos.  Very fun chaos.

Did have some problems at first.  Took me awhile to get use to the controls.  Felt like I was fighting with them for a few hours.  Would end up doing things I didn’t want to do.  This is because there is some many things you can do at once.  Would end up pressing the wrong buttons at the wrong time.  However some I got them figured out.  Have no trouble causing chaos every were.

Mafia 3 Review

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Mafia_3.jpgHave finished all the main and side missions in Mafia 3 as well as collected all the collectibles.  The story and the setting of the game is pretty interesting.  The way they weave the documentary footage to tell the story is the best part.  As for gameplay there is some fun to be had.  The cars all handle great.  The character movement is great as well.  You can sneak around.  Which comes in very handy.  Because if the bad guys spot you in the open or get behind you.  You are pretty much done for.  There are lots weapons to buy and try.  But pretty much all the way though the game just used the same two.  That is because the shooting is ok but not that great.  If you get into a big fire fight.  It is best to run and hide.  If you try and take them head on.  Again, you are petty much done for.

There is some fun to be had here.  The biggest let down is the missions structure.  There are three groups you do missions for.  Which all play out the same way.  So after a while it gets a bit boring.  But then you unlock something new.  Which helps keep it interesting for a bit.  However the gameplay is pretty much rinse and repeat.  Then there are the bugs.  Some of them can be pretty funny.  The game crashed only on me twice.  Once the first started to play.  Then when while starting the very last missions.

Did have some fun playing the game.  The world is fun to explore.  However would say wait for a price drop.  There are lots of better games to play first.  But keep this one on your list.

4 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

No Man’s Sky Foundation Update

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No_Mans_Sky.jpgHave not talked about No Man’s Sky in a while and haven’t played it in a while as well (about two months).  Just might have to jump back in.  Because there is a new update on it’s way.  Called the Foundation Update.  The big thing this update will add the foundation of base building.  As well setting up for more stuff down the line. Some time this week the update will be out.  They will all be posting a patch note list soon as well.  Then all this out and tried it out.  Will be back with another post.  You can read the official blog post > here.

[Update]  Started typing this post before the update was even out.  Well the patch/update is now out.  The download size is around 2GBs.  Am very impressed that it adds.   You can read about it > here.  There is all so a video explaining all the changes.  Which you can see > here or below.  They added a lot of cool stuff.  Can’t wait to try it out.

The Grand Tour Is Going Global

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The_Grand_Tour.jpgHave some awesome news about The Grand Tour.   You may know it started airing on Amazon November 18, 2016.  Sadly it only for Amazon Prime members as well only in some country’s.  The UK, US, Germany, Austria and Japan.  The good news starting some time in December (2016) we will be able to get it here in Canada.  Not sure how it will work yet.  It would be nice to be able to rent/buy the episodes with out being a Prime member.  However if the Prime membership is offering lots of stuff I might just get it.   They put out a funny video talking about going global.  Which you can see > here or below.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition

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The_Elder_Scrolls_V_Skyrim_Special_EditionThere is pretty much Black Friday sales going on every were.  This means there is lots of good deals on games.  While looking tough the flyers seen that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition was going for $40.00.  Which is a much better than the $80.00 it was going for at first.  This is a re-release of the game with all the DLC for PS4 and Xbox One.  The game was first out in 2011.  Bought it back then on day one.  Love this game.  So when I seen that they were putting it out again for the PS4 it was on my radar.  But wasn’t going to pay full price.

So when I seen it on sale for $40.00 I had to buy it.  Walmart and Best buy had it in their flyers.   Then seen it on for the same price.  Was Christmas shop on Amazon so bought it from them.  Later on while looking at the PlayStation Store they had a flash sale.  They all so had it going for $40.   So if you are reading this post today (November 25, 2016) you still have time to get the game for cheap.

Beastie Boys – Sabotage

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Beastie_Boys_SabotageTime once again for musical throwback Thursday.  This weeks song is Sabotage by Beastie Boys.  The song is off their fourth album called Ill Communication from 1994.  If you are my age or older you know who the Beastie Boys are.  They started making music back in the late 80’s right up to when they stopped in 2012.  Their songs hold up really well.  Give Sabotage a listen/watch > here or below

Justice League Dark

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Justice_League_DarkWe have known since August (2016) that the next DC Universe Animated movie would be Justice League Dark.   Don’t know much about the Dark series of comic books.  But do know that this is a team of heroes that are more about supernatural and magic.  Have news to share.  There is a trailer out now which you an see > here or below.  The other news is that.  It will be out on digitally platforms January 24, 2017.  Then on Blu-ray/DVD February 7.  Oh, there is one more thing.  It will be rated R.  Just like the last one out Batman: The Killing Joke.

PlayStation Store Black Friday Sale

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playstation_store_black_friday_sale_2016It is another week and again there is a new sale going on in the PlayStation Store.  This time it’s the Black Friday sale.  The American Thanksgiving its this coming Thursday (November 24, 2016).  The next day is called Black Friday.  This is when all the stores put on big sales on because Christmas is a month way.  For the past few years these Black Friday sales have moved behind the American boarder.  Which is a good thing because the rest of us can get in on the good deals.

Speaking of which there are some great ones to be had.  The have a of Triple A games going for half or more off.  You can see the full list > here.  But wait there is more they are all so offering a one time use 10% off total purchase.  With a special code.  You can can see that code > here.  The sale starts today (November 22) and ends on the 29th.

Game Of Thrones: Season 6 Blu-ray

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Game_Of_Thrones_Season_6_Bluray.jpgPicked up a copy of Game of Thrones season six Blu-ray a few days back.  Both the Blu-ray and DVD sets were released on November 15, 2016.   If past years the set would come out in early spring just before the new season would start.  Season seven will air much later into 2017.  So I am guessing there ware tying to cash in a bit on the Christmas buying season.  Now looking forward to re-watching this awesome season.