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Mafia 3 Review

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Mafia_3.jpgHave finished all the main and side missions in Mafia 3 as well as collected all the collectibles.  The story and the setting of the game is pretty interesting.  The way they weave the documentary footage to tell the story is the best part.  As for gameplay there is some fun to be had.  The cars all handle great.  The character movement is great as well.  You can sneak around.  Which comes in very handy.  Because if the bad guys spot you in the open or get behind you.  You are pretty much done for.  There are lots weapons to buy and try.  But pretty much all the way though the game just used the same two.  That is because the shooting is ok but not that great.  If you get into a big fire fight.  It is best to run and hide.  If you try and take them head on.  Again, you are petty much done for.

There is some fun to be had here.  The biggest let down is the missions structure.  There are three groups you do missions for.  Which all play out the same way.  So after a while it gets a bit boring.  But then you unlock something new.  Which helps keep it interesting for a bit.  However the gameplay is pretty much rinse and repeat.  Then there are the bugs.  Some of them can be pretty funny.  The game crashed only on me twice.  Once the first started to play.  Then when while starting the very last missions.

Did have some fun playing the game.  The world is fun to explore.  However would say wait for a price drop.  There are lots of better games to play first.  But keep this one on your list.

4 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Mafia 3 Patch And DLC

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Mafia_3.jpgBack on November 9, 2016 a new patch come out for Mafia 3.  This patch mostly some fixes and improved in some areas.  However there is more.  The add some free DLC into the download.  Which is Outfits.  They are broken into three types.  Action Gear, which army stuff.  Formal wear, suits.  Special occasions, cooler ones.   You can read all about it > here.

Gave is a download.  Have not noticed (yet) better/improved with the game.   Did look at all the new outfits.   To unlock them you must finish one of the early one mission, “Somethin’ I’ve Got To Do”.   It is pretty easy to change your outfit. You can go to the first safe house or any place you took over.  Then walk to the the wardrobe.

Mafia 3

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Mafia_3.jpgHave been playing Mafia 3 for about a month now.  Not sure how far I am into the story or how many hours I have played.  It seems like I have put lot.  Think is why I think every game would keep track of your stats.  Really like knowing how many hours I have played.

While this game is not perfect.  It does get very repetitive.  However there is still fun to be had.  Start to get board.  But them end up unlocking a new feature or skill.  Once you take over a part of the map.  You then can assign that to one of three people.  The thing is all three give you different upgrades.  Some time is a hard choice to make.  All so the more parts of the map you give to one the more kickback money they give you.  As for the kickback money.  During the early parts of the game you would have to drive to each location and pick it up.  There is no fast travel.  Luckily of the the perks for one under boss lets you make a phone.  Which picks up the money automatically.

Over all am having fun.  But don’t think this game is for everyone.  If you are interested in picking up it.  Wait for a price drop.

Mafia 3 Hands On

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Mafia_3.jpgHave put a bit of time into Mafia 3.  The game is very much like other games of this type.  However it is much different at  the same time.  The setting, the characters, the story and the music make it standout.  Have played hundreds of hours of GTA so took some time getting used to this game control scheme.   There are a few problems with the game.  The lighting effects at times seems really weird.  Like a lot of world world games there will be glitches.  Have ran into a few.  One with a car was half buried into the roads surface.  Another time there was a car driving long with both doors open.  However over all am enjoying the game.