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No Man’s Sky Prisms Update

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No_Mans_Sky.jpgIt has been many awesome years for No Man’s Sky.  They keep giving us more content and updates all the time.  Now they are back with another one called the Prisms Update.  This one is more about making the game look even better.  Most of these features are only for PC and next gen consoles.  There is more too it than that.  One other big thing they had, is you can now have flying pets.  You can click the link above to see all what has been added.  You can all so check out the trailer > here or below.

No Man’s Sky Expeditions Beachhead

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No_Mans_Sky.jpgFinished up the second Expeditions for No Man’s Sky, called Beachhead.  This one was much shorter than the first and a bit easier as well.  Think that is why it only lasted two weeks.  I did have fun playing for the most part.  Mostly complied to see what the big prize/unlock at the end would be.  Turns out it was a big surprise.  It was a cross over event with Mass Effect Legendary Edition.  You unlock the Normandy ship from that game.  Which can be used a a frigate.  Do think this was a cool idea.  However was hoping for something cooler.  May be the next expeditions will have something more useful.

No Man’s Sky Expeditions Beachhead

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No_Mans_Sky.jpgThe second Expeditions is know out for (May 17, 2010) No Man’s Sky.  This ones is called Beachhead.  Has I am typing this the game is updating on my PS4.  Looked at some gameplay on YouTube.  It seems to be the same structure as the last one.  Where you have goals meeting certain milestones.  Which are broken up into six phases.  With the main prize at the end.  This time around we have less time to complete it.  Have read only two weeks.  So I need to jump on it.   I did mange to finish the first expedition and did have fun doing it.  If you own this game it’s well worth checking out the mode.

No Man’s Sky Expeditions

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No_Mans_Sky.jpgTalking about the No Man’s Sky new game mode Expeditions again.  Am have a really great time playing this mode.  It has it has all the make No Man’s Sky good while putting more goals.   You think differently when playing this mode.  Find myself trying to think two or three steps ahead.  All so working or two or three goals at once.  There are some I am not sure I will be able to do.  Will just have to look them up on YouTube.  

No Man’s Sky Companions Trailer

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The game that keeps on giving, No Man’s Sky, is back with another awesome free update.  This one is called Companions.  You can tame animals to become you pets.  According to the patch notes you can have six.  As you feed and take care of them the will spawn an egg.  Which can be modified.  As for the pets they can all customised.  There is a lot more too it.  Click the link above to read all that it adds.  You can all so check out the trailer > here or below.  One more thing, have read that the PS4 loading times have improved.  Haven’t tried this out for myself yet but plan to on the weekend.

No Man’s Sky Hours Played

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Back in the begin of October (2020) made a post talking about jumping back into No Man’s Sky.  I have big time.  Had a weeks vacation and pretty much played it every night.  The games as been cross play for awhile now.  So was playing with a friend who own a copy on PC.  Must say it works great.  The voice chat works just as good.  Before I jumped back in think I had around 160 hours in that one save.  Loaded it up a few nights ago and it is or close to 190 hours now.  There are very few games I have many hours into.  Think GTA Online might be the most and this one might be the second.

No Man’s Sky Next Generation Trailer

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Forgot blog about this last week.  There is some more awesome news to share for No Man’s Sky.  They announced Next Generation update.  As you might guess from the title it applies for the PS5, Xbox Series and PC.  Basically they are making it even better.   Besides looking better.  You will be able to build more and with more people.  I know at some point I will be getting a PS5.  You can transfer your save file over.  All this is great news but the best is for last.  It will be free for all who own the game all ready.  You can read all about by clicking the link above.  All so check out the trailer > here or below.

No Man’s Sky Jumping Back In

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That that I have finished Ghost of Tsushima.  Decided to get back into No Man’s Sky.  It has been a very long time since I have played.  There has been two big updates I need to try Desolation and Origins Update.  Have been a fan of this game since day one.  Do believe I have close to 160 hours played.  With this two new updates it has made the game even better.  Think it will bring lots of new people in.  This game is very worth every penny.

No Man’s Sky Origins Update

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Last week an huge new update came out for No Man’s Sky.  They are calling it Origins Update.  This makes the game 3.00 now and it add so much awesome stuff you will need to read the full list > here.  They made the game look even better.  New things to do, look at and explore.  They add one thing I was hoping they would.  Just like upgrading you class of your ship.  You can now do that will your Multi-Tool and add slots.  Haven’t gotten around to trying any of this out yet.  But plan to soon.  You need to check out the trailer for this update it’s awesome.  You can do so > here or below.

No Man’s Sky Desolation Update

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So forgot to blog about an update that came out for No Man’s Sky.  It is a super cool one at that called Desolation.  This update lets you find derelict freighters.  Which are procedurally generated. You goal is to scavenge and survive.  There is lots of great loot to be had but here are new enemies to fight.  It has a horror movie vibe to it.  As you can see in there trailer > here or below.  They have added bunch of other fixes and what not the update as well.  I haven’t gotten around to trying it out yet.