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Just Cause 3 Hands On

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Just_Cause_3.jpgPicked up a copy of Just Cause 3 a few weeks ago, for pretty cheap.  Have been looking forward to playing this game ever since I see gameplay video.  Got around to giving it a go the other day.  First of it looks amazing.  Very bright and vibrant.   These game seem like they would be just like another other third person action game.  However these games turn it up a few notches.  It is all out chaos.  Very fun chaos.

Did have some problems at first.  Took me awhile to get use to the controls.  Felt like I was fighting with them for a few hours.  Would end up doing things I didn’t want to do.  This is because there is some many things you can do at once.  Would end up pressing the wrong buttons at the wrong time.  However some I got them figured out.  Have no trouble causing chaos every were.

Just Cause 3

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Just_Cause_3Picked up a new game, Just Cause 3.  This game has been on my want list for awhile now.  It came out back in December 2015.  Never picked it up because there was all ways another game I wanted to play first.  Has been weeks since I last looked at the cheap game bin at Walmart.   Saw a bunch of awesome games I would like to buy.  All going for $30.  Then seen Just Cause.   Not going to play it right way because, am still working my way though Mafia 3.  Think am about half or a bit more more done.

Just Cause 2 Update

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JustCause2.jpgHave put about 17 hours into Just Cause 2 so far so it is time for a bit of any update.  So far only been in one small section of the map.  There is so much to do and look at.  The reason I have spent all the time in one small part is because you find towns, villages and bad guy basses.  If you take over the basses or liberate the towns you get money and what not.  All so find upgrade parts you can use to upgrade your weapons or vehicles.  So every time it find a new place I have to to take it over.  This is not like most games where you have to take you time moving so the bad guys don’t see you.  That doesn’t work that way.  If you have to run and gun.  All so use your grappling hook a lot.  Which is very fun.  So far I am really digging this game. It is not the best game out there but there is so much to do it is well worth the money.

Just Cause 2

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JustCause2.jpgPicked up a copy of Just Cause 2.  It was in the cheap bin at Wal-mart for $20.  Was kind of looking at buying a new game while I wait for The Last of Us to come out (June 14, 2013).  Remember playing the demo for Just Cause 2 back in March 2010.  All so remember the demo was fun.  Have let to try the full game yet since I just got it.  But I have to get my Sega Genesis out of the way.  Have been playing that the past week.  Had a bit of a retro game bug.  It was fun to play the old games but I miss the 3D open word games with saves.  Will be back with an update on the game.

[Update]  Have played about two hours far.  At first it took me a little while to get use to the controls.  They are a bit different than other 3rd person action games I have played.  This is one of those open world, do anything games.  So far the coolest thing is the grappling hook.  You can pretty much do anything with it.  Climb tall buildings, take bad guys out and attack it to any vehicle. Like the game so far.  The only complaint is the icons and text are too small for my likening.

Just Cause 2 Demo

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JustCause2 Tired the Just Cause 2 demo today (March 5, 2010).  This is a really good demo get a good feel of the game.  One down side is it is a timed demo.  Not a fan of those.  They give you 30mins.  If you have played Mercenaries 2 it has very similar game play but much better.  In the demo there is lot to do.  Some of the cool things are.  You get a grapple gun that can hook on to pretty much any thing and pull you up.  The parachutes are a blast as well.  You can free fall, pull a chute, dump the chute, free fall again then pull a new chute out.

The demo is out for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 so every one should download it.  Its a fun demo for sure.