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No Man’s Sky Running A Mini PC

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A few posts back talked about getting a PC copy of No Man’s Sky.   I have a Minisforum UM580 with an external hard drive.  Downloaded and installed it to that, like all my other games.  Know it will take longer to load but I like having lots of games installed.  Booted up and was talking a long time to load.  Even slower than the PS4 version.  Then the computer crashed and shut off.   Tried again and this time lower the frame rate for the game.  This time it worked fine.  The next day tired to play again and it crashed.  So decided to move it to the M.2 drive.  The load time was super fast and it didn’t crash.  Which was nice.

No Man’s Sky On PC

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Have owed my copy of No Man’s Sky for the PS4 since the day it came out back in 2016.  It is one of my all time favorites.  Well have bought another copy of it for my mini PC.  Have had it in my Steam wish list for a long time now.  It was on sale for 50% off.  They do that a lot when there is a big update out.  So decided just to get it.  This way during game nights we can play some four player coop locally.

No Man’s Sky Interceptor Update

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A few posts ago talked about the No Man’s Sky update, Interceptor.  In that one said I got my hands one of the new ships.  Then I need to get the new jetpack and multitool.  Luckily this can be done at the same time.   When you go to one of the new multitool places for the first time you get the jetpack.  Jason Plays has a video where you can get a great S class multitool.  Which you can see > here.  Got it and now need to upgrade it.

No Man’s Sky Interceptor Update – Hands On

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Gave some of the new No Man’s Sky update, Interceptor a try.  Did watch some videos on this before booting the game up.  My goal was to get the jetpack first then a ship.  To do this you need to got to certain planets and attack the Sentinels.   Some times the will drop an item that will takes you to a place where a jetpack and ship locater are.  Wasn’t having any luck with that.  So just kept fighting the waves.  Once the fifth wave is done it marks a ship location automatically.  While doing that had to turn down the difficulty on the combat.  Found it annoying.  When I did get the ships location.  Lucked out, it was an A class that looked cool and had nice colours.  Now need to get a jetpack and new multitool.

No Man’s Sky Interceptor Update

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It was only a few months ago we got a great update for No Man’s Sky.  Well today (April 5, 2023) they have given us another one called, Interceptor.  It adds some much new stuff and improvements.  You can read all about it > here.  The big standouts for me are, there is a new ship class and you can take out Sentinel Capital ships.  Going to give this a try later today.  You can see the trailer for this > here or below.

No Man’s Sky Expedition Nine Utopia Finished

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A few nights ago finished the No Man’s Sky ninth expedition Utopia..  This came out with the Fractal update.  Really like this one. Was simple and to the point.  Took me about six and half hours.  Am sure took of took less time but why rush.  The award at the end, a new ship, is well worth doing this expedition for.  It’s an S class with all kinds of upgrades all ready on it.

No Man’s Sky Expedition Nine Utopia

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Last week (February 22, 2023) there was a new update out for No Man’s Sky called Fractal.  Along with that came a new expedition number nine called, Utopia.  This all so happened to be the day I got my hands on Far Cry 6.  Decided to try the expedition first since there are only six weeks to complete it.  The trick with this one is you can only craft things at your bases.  All so the space station is dead so you can’t buy things there.  Think this is interesting.  Did do the first phase that night.  Working on the rest now.

No Man’s Sky Fractal Update

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Happy to see there is a new update out for No Man’s Sky on February 22, 2023.  This one is called Fractal.  Haven’t played this in months.  Only gave the PS5 version a quick try.  So it will be nice to jump game into this new content.  All so with is update came a new expedition called Utopia.  What makes this one stand out is the star system is dead so you can’t buy items.  All so you can only craft stuff while in a base.  If you finish this expedition it unlocks a cool new looking ship.  You can read all what has been add to the update by clicking the link above.  You can see the trailer > here or below.

No Man’s Sky – PlayStation 5

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Now that I have a PlayStation 5 wanted to give the No Man’s Sky version a try.  Am a big fan of this game so wanted to keep my all most 300 hour save file.  Luckily this is easy to do.  When you are playing the PS4 version there is an option to upload your save data.  When you put the disc in the PS5 it gives you the option to update grade the game for free.  Once that’s done, you chose to play single player and there is an option to download your save files.

First off the PS5 version of the game runs so much more smoothly then the PS4 version.   It loads faster and looks way better.  Thinking I will be jumping back into the game again.

No Man’s Sky Waypoint

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Have put a bit more time into No Man’s Sky Waypoint update.  When I first did the update it was 4.02 or .03 (I forget).  Found the game wasn’t running well at all.  Was working on get more slots with the new drop pod feature.   Every so many the game would crash.  All so the fan on my PS4 was ramping up a lot.  Then 4.04 patch came out.   This seemed to fix those problems.  Was able to get more inventory slots and the game didn’t crash once.  The fan on the PS4 was running since a quite.   My goal now is to max out the slots in tech part of the suit inventory so I can put back the upgrades I all ready had back in.