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The Grand Tour Season 2 Teaser Trailer

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Last month we learned that the second season of The Grand Tour will start some time in October (2017).  Back on July 11, 2017 was Amazon Prime Day.  That is day if you are a Prime member you get kinds of awesome deal.  Amazon is all so air The Grand Tour.  So they put out a small teaser trailer.  Have watched it and it looks pretty amazing.  Found the teaser trailer on YouTube.  Just not sure how long before it will be taken down.  If might not be there the time I post this.  But you never know.  Click > here to see it (may be).  Pretty sure there will be full trailer out some time this summer.

[Update]  The teaser trailer in now on The Grand Tour’s  YouTube channel.  You can see it > here or below.


The Grand Tour: Season Two

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Have some news to share about The Grand Tour.  The second season will be out some time in October 2017.  That is according the the post on Drive Tribe.  Which you can read > here.   They didn’t say what day in October.  So thinking there should be a trailer out some time this summer.  When there is one will be back to share that.  Along with another other information that might be out.  If you haven’t seen the first season yet.  Check it out well worth your time.  These three guys crack me up.

James May: The Reassembler Series Two

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James_May_The_Reassembler_Series_TwoCame across a nice surprise the other day.   Found out that James May was back with series two of  James May: The Reassembler.  If you never hear this this show.  it has James putting back together one piece at a time different objects.  I know it sounds kind of boring.  They even joke about it in the episodes.  The thing is James is pretty funny guy and makes it interesting to watch.  The first series had three episodes.  This second one has four.  Three of them have aired all ready.  He puts back together a train set, a food mixer and a mini motorcycle.  The last one will have him reassembling a portable record player.  You can find the episodes on YouTube > here.  Just don’t know how long they will be up since most times this stuff gets taken down.

The Grand Tour Hosts Play Forza Horizon 3

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The_Grand_Tour.jpgCame across a cool video the other day.  It has the hosts of The Grand Tour, Jeremy ClarksonRichard Hammond and James May, playing the Xbox One game Forza Horizon 3.  As you might guess it was pretty funny.  They all take turns playing the game.  Near the end of the stream the compete against each other to win an Xbox One.  If you are a fan of them it’s worth checking out.  The stream is about an hour long.  You can see it > here or below.

KONGOS – Come With Me Now

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KONGOS_Come_With_Me_NowIf you seen any of the trailers for The Grand Tour and have wondered what song was playing in the background.  It is Come With Me Now by the KONGOS.  Which is off their 2012 album Lunatic.  Have to never heard this song until the trailers came out.  But turns out this song was been used a lot in TV shows, movies and spots events.  You can see/listen to the video > here or below.

The Grand Tour Is Going Global

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The_Grand_Tour.jpgHave some awesome news about The Grand Tour.   You may know it started airing on Amazon November 18, 2016.  Sadly it only for Amazon Prime members as well only in some country’s.  The UK, US, Germany, Austria and Japan.  The good news starting some time in December (2016) we will be able to get it here in Canada.  Not sure how it will work yet.  It would be nice to be able to rent/buy the episodes with out being a Prime member.  However if the Prime membership is offering lots of stuff I might just get it.   They put out a funny video talking about going global.  Which you can see > here or below.

The Grand Tour: The Official Trailer

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The_Grand_TourHave some good news to share now that we know The Grand Tour will start November 18, 2016.  Which is not that far way.  They have put out an official trailer.  The show looks amazing.  It has all the cool cars they are known for.  However the best part is the humour they are famous for, is all there.   Give the trailer a watch > here or below.