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KONGOS – Come With Me Now

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KONGOS_Come_With_Me_NowIf you seen any of the trailers for The Grand Tour and have wondered what song was playing in the background.  It is Come With Me Now by the KONGOS.  Which is off their 2012 album Lunatic.  Have to never heard this song until the trailers came out.  But turns out this song was been used a lot in TV shows, movies and spots events.  You can see/listen to the video > here or below.

The Grand Tour: The Official Trailer

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The_Grand_TourHave some good news to share now that we know The Grand Tour will start November 18, 2016.  Which is not that far way.  They have put out an official trailer.  The show looks amazing.  It has all the cool cars they are known for.  However the best part is the humour they are famous for, is all there.   Give the trailer a watch > here or below.

The Grand Tour: Launch Date

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The_Grand_Tour.jpgHave some good news to share.  There is a release date for The Grand Tour.   Have been waiting and watching for any info on this new show.  Ever since their, Jeremy ClarksonRichard Hammond and James May, were know longer on Top Gear.   November 18, 2016 is the day.  From what I have read there will be 12 episodes per season.  A new episode will air weekly.   They put out a launch date teaser trailer.   Which you can see > here or below.   From the look of it.  They will be putting out those well produced and awesome looking films they are famous for.

The Grand Tour Interview

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The_Grand_Tour.jpgIf you are a fan of Jeremy ClarksonRichard Hammond and James May and their old show.  You may know they have a new one in the works called The Grand Tour.  Which will air on Amazon.  They have posted a very nice interview video with Andy Wilman.  He is the executive producer of this new show as well he used to produce them on Top Gear.  In the video, the interviewer asks him all kinds of question about how the show came together and the like.  It is about 34 minutes longs.   So if you are a fan and have the time check it out > here or below.

The Grand Tour

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The_Grand_TourFor a very long time now fans of Jeremy ClarksonRichard Hammond and James May and their version of Top Gear.  Have  known that they have been working on a new show being made for Amazon Prime.  Good news.  There is information to share.  The biggest is they have a title now.  The show will be called The Grand Tour.    It will have eleven episodes as well as Christmas special.  The show will work something like their old show.  Instead of the live segments filmed in an air port hanger.  It will be shot in a studio tent.  Which will be traveling with them.  There is no official air date let.  They are saying Fall 2016.  Will be back with another post when there is more to share.  Hoping for a trailer soon.

Clarkson, Hammond And May

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Clarkson_Hammond_And_MayAs many (at lest I hope) Top Gear fans many know.  The show as we know it is over with.  Even since all that has taken place.  There has been many rumours of Clarkson, Hammond and May would be making a new show.  Turns out one of the rumours are true.  They have singed on with Amazon Prime.  This is a subscription program from the Amazon website you know.  Which not only gives faster and free shipping items you buy.  But all so lets you stream movies and TV shows unlimited.   However this streaming services is not available in Canada.  Which sucks.  Did read on another site.  While this new show is exclusive to Amazon Prime.  It only has a small market share.  So it could end up on other services or TV.

Not only are all the guys back but all so their executive producer, Andy Wilman.  So you know all the great awesome and funny stuff they do will stay intact.  From the official post about it > here.  The show will go into production soon. The air some time in 2016.  Can’t wait to see what they come up with.

Top Gear Series 22: Update # Two

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topgear-logo.jpgA few posts back talked about how there will be one more episode for series 22 of Top Gear.   The new episode will feature two unseen films.  One for each of the missed episodes.  Which will be put into one extended episode.  When this info was first out there was not air date.  That is were the update number two comes in.  It will air June 28, 2015.  Which is a Sunday.  Think this is a good way to end the series and the show in this format.  In other Top Gear news.  Chris Evans will be the new host of the show.  According to the article > here.  He will be the new lead of a new line up.  Not sure who or any many other co-host there will be.  Time will tell.  They did say the new show will start production in the next few weeks.