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Happy New Year 2022

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Yet another year is coming to a close.  It has been another year of successful blogging.  Near the end of January will be the start of the 14 year for this blog.  Didn’t work too much on the YouTube channel I’d Rather Watch Paint Dry.  So planning on more this coming year.  However going to switch it up a bit.  Instead of trying to get a new video out each week.  Will only put one out when I am ready too.   This will take some presser off and many be it will make the videos better.  In the mean time happy New Year everyone and here is to a better 2022.

M83 – Outro

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M83_Hurry_Up_Were_DreamingIt is the last musical throwback Thursday of the year.  Wanted to pick something special.  So going with Outro by M83.  This song has been used a lot in TV/Movies.  There is a reason for that is sounds epic and grabs your attention.  It is off their 2011 album Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming.  You can give it a listen > here or below.

Boxing Day Sales

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Every year during the Boxing Day/Week sales there is something I would like to buy.  This year seen that Far Cry 6 is going for about $40.00 at Walmart.  All so thinking about picking up a copy of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition.  The only problem they are both have huge worlds to explore. I like to take my time with a game and do everything in the game.  Might have to toss a coin to decided which one to get.

[Update] Didn’t have to decided which one to buy because the local Walmart didn’t have any copies left.  I guess I wanted too long to going Boxing day shopping.

A Christmas Story Leg Lamp

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3D_Model_Christmas_Story_Leg_LampHave all ways wanted a prop Leg Lamp from A Christmas Story.  Do have a small tree ornament.  But that is too small.  Many years ago a local shop had some in different sizes but at that time didn’t have the money for one.  Well know that I own a 3D printer why not make one.  Seen this very nice model over at Thingiverse > here.  I know it is well after Christmas now but going to give it a try.  May in different sizes. If they turn out ok.  Will give them a paint once winter is over.  Then the will be ready for next year.

Batman: The Adventures Continue Season Two

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Batman_The_Adventures_Continue_Season_TwoAs a Christmas gift to myself picked up a copy of the trade paper back Batman: The Adventures Continue Season One.  The story picks up right after the 90’s classic Batman Adventures TV show ended. From what I have read so far am liking it a lot.  It has the look of the show but with much or detail.  All so like the fact it is printed on old school comic book paper.  While I do like the new shiny stuff.  This older paper is special.  The reason for this post found out that Season Two trade paper back will be out on June 14, 2022, according to  Will be getting a copy for sure.

Merry Boxing Day 2021

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I hope everyone had a fun and safe Christmas.  We had a nice quit one.  Just like last year cooked the turkey breast with olive oil and it turned out amazing.  Didn’t making my homemade stuffing.  Went with Stove Top.  It is better than I though it would be.  However did have homemade rolls from a local bakery, which were really good.  For tonight we are having the traditional hot turkey sandwiches.



Merry Christmas 2021

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It will be a much different Christmas like last year.  We will get though it as long as people play by the rules.  I want to wish everyone and their families a Merry Christmas.  I hope everyone has the best they can.  Still  planning on having a great meal.  MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE.

Johnny Reid – I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day

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This is the last musical throwback Thursday before Christmas.   So going with my second all time favourite Christmas song.  Which is I Heard The Bells on Christmas Day done by Johnny Reid, off his album A Christmas Gift to You.   First hear this back in 2013 when this TV special air to show case this album.  It hooked me right away.  Every since then it has been my go to Christmas album.  You can give it a listen > here or below.

The Muppet Christmas Carol

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Another Christmas movie I try and watch every year is The Muppet Christmas Carol.   This is a classic for sure.  Can still remember going to the theatre back in 1992 to see it.  Do believe this is the best Muppet movie.  Am hoping it is on TV again this year.  Not sure if it is only Blu-ray, will have to look into it.

[Update] Looked it up and it is on Blu-ray.

Merry Christmas Mr. Bean

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Another important special that needs to watch every year is, Merry Christmas Mr. Bean.  Forget how many times I have seen this and yet it is still fun/funny to watch every time.  The episdoe is 29 years old this year.  It was an instant classic as soon as it was made.  Do yourself a favourite an re-watch it > here or below.