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The Muppet Christmas Carol

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Another Christmas movie I try and watch every year is The Muppet Christmas Carol.   This is a classic for sure.  Can still remember going to the theatre back in 1992 to see it.  Do believe this is the best Muppet movie.  Am hoping it is on TV again this year.  Not sure if it is only Blu-ray, will have to look into it.

[Update] Looked it up and it is on Blu-ray.

The Muppet Christmas Carol

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Yes it is another post taking about Christmas show or movie.  Trying my best to get into it.  This time talking about what I think is the best Muppet movie ever, The Muppet Christmas Carol.  Enjoy watching this one every year.  Can remember seeing this in theatres when it was released back in 1992.  Think this classic holds up really well.  They do show it every year on TV.  But if you missed it.  You can me rented online though Google or on YouTube.

The Muppet Christmas Carol

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TheMuppetChristmasCarol.jpgNot sure how may times I have seen The Muppet Christmas Carol but watched it again today.  I still think this is the best Muppet movie ever made.  There is some very special about this movie.  I can still remember going see this in theatres 21 years ago.  It holds up well.  There are certain Christmas movies and shows I must watch every year.  This being one of them.  Pretty sure this will air at let once this month.  Most likely watch it again.  If you have never seen it or has been a long time, do check it out.  Think it is one of the most important holiday movies.

The Muppet Christmas Carol

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TheMuppetChristmasCarolStill on the Christmas special watching kick.  Today check out The Muppet Christmas Carol.  Have not seen this one in a few years.  Still remember going to see then when it came out.  My sister took myself, brother and two cousins to the old movie theater in town.  Remember enjoying it very much.  To this day it still holds up for being a 20 year old movie.  This is the best full length Muppets movie ever made.  It has the right blend of comedy, story, music and charm.  If you have not seen this in years like me check it out.  Pretty sure it will be on TV as some point but time is running short.  Since today is the 23rd.

The Muppets Review

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TheMuppets Been awhile since I sat down and watched a movie.  Looking at all the new releases, then saw The Muppets.   All ways loved the Muppets. My all time favourite is A Muppet Family Christmas.   Been a long time since they have but out a movie.  The last few were not that great.  So I was thinking may be this one wouldn’t live up to the hype.  People that I have spoken to say it was great.  They were right.  This brings back the Muppets how they should be.  It is the same old Muppets with and update.

There is some great humour in here.  It is not all ways about the what is out in front.  If you pay attention there is a lot going on in the background.  They even snuck in some adult humour.  This movie put as smile on my face.  Even laughed out loud a few times.  This is a very strong rent.  It brings the Muppets back to to the way they should be.  Only thing I didn’t like that they were advertising Cars 2, way too much.  Guess that is Disney for you.

4 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)