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Games List

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Just about every year I make a list of upcoming games I would like to get.  As well as games that are all ready out to add to the backlog.  This will be very short list since I can only think of a few new ones that will be out soon-ish I must have.  Am sure that will change as the year moves along.  As well as we get closer to E3.  Which I have read will be online only again.


Gotham Knights

Saints Row

All ready out

Far Cry 6

Watch Dogs Legion

Boxing Day Sales

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Every year during the Boxing Day/Week sales there is something I would like to buy.  This year seen that Far Cry 6 is going for about $40.00 at Walmart.  All so thinking about picking up a copy of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition.  The only problem they are both have huge worlds to explore. I like to take my time with a game and do everything in the game.  Might have to toss a coin to decided which one to get.

[Update] Didn’t have to decided which one to buy because the local Walmart didn’t have any copies left.  I guess I wanted too long to going Boxing day shopping.

Far Cry 6 Gameplay

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A the end of August (August 31, 2021) over on the Ubisoft North America YouTube channel.  They have a stream of gameplay for Far Cry 6.  The footage was pre-recorded running off an Xbox Series X.  But there were three people talking about the game live.  Am a big fan of the Far Cry series so I gave it a watch.  From what I seen it look like it has all that makes these game great while adding in lots more.  One that stood out they added gear.  This is like an RPG element.  Each piece does has a different perk.  The stream is about an hour or so.  if you want to check it you can > here.  The game is set to be out October 7, 2021.  Will be a day one buy for me.

Ubisoft Forward E3 2021

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Ubisoft_Forward.jpgThe Ubisoft Forward event for E3 2021 was live streamed yesterday (June 12, 2021) I didn’t get to see it live because I was still at work.  So watched later on.  You can see > here or below.  Thinking at some point they will re-upload a cut down version.  While they did talk about some cool things.  Like showing more Far Cry 6 and bring back Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon as part of the season pass.  But was hoping for some big surprise to happen. 

Far Cry 6 Gameplay Reveal

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Far_Cry_6Have some more awesome gaming news to share.  Yesterday (May 28, 2021) Ubisoft share some gameplay and features for Far Cry 6.  I am a huge fan of this series.  So will be getting a copy day one.  In the video > here or below we get a real good look at what the world is like and as well as what new about this game.  It looks beautiful.  Think the map will be really big with lots to explore.  They have add some funny weapons as well.  The CD launcher cracked me up.  At the end of the video the revealed when the game will be out, October 7, 2021.  Think the best part is it will be on PS4 as well.  That is what version I will be getting.