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Trooper – General Hand Grenade

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Trooper_General_Hand_GrenadeOnce again it is weeks musical throwback Thursday.  The song this weeks is a Canadian classic, General Hand Grenade by Trooper.   Have not heard this song since I was a kid.  I can remember they would all ways have tour stop where I live.  Have never seen then.  Just used to see the posters and ads were they would be playing.  The song is off their first album which was released in 1975 called Trooper.  Their is no official music video.  But you can still listen it on YouTube > here or below.

No Man’s Sky Atlas Rises Update

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There is a very big update out now for the game No Man’s Sky called the Atlas Rises Update.   I bought this game day one back in August (2016).  While there was a lot of negative things being said about the game.  I enjoyed the time I put into it.  While I haven’t played this this game since November (2016).  I might just have to get back into it.  This new update adds all kinds of new and awesome things.  Some of the stuff that stands out to me are, 30 hours of story, guild missions and terrain manipulation.  There is a whole lot to list.  But you can read it for yourself > here or you can watch the video below.

Batman vs. Two-Face – Trailer

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Batman_vs_Two-FaceLast August (2016) we first leaned that there was an animated movie coming out based of the late 1960’s Batman TV show, called Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders.  Which would star Adam West, Burt Ward and Julie Newmar.  It was released on Blu-ray/DVD on November 1, 2016.  Really enjoyed this movie.  After was wondering if the would ever make another.  Turns out they have.  It is called Batman vs Two-Face.  Two-Face will be voiced by William Shatner.  Wasn’t to sure how well that would work out.  But was nicely surprised when I watched the trailer > here or below.  It is set to be out October 17, 2017.

Assassin’s Creed Origins: 18 Minutes Of Gameplay

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There is a new gameplay video for Assassin’s Creed Origins.  IGN posted it on August 7, 2017.  The video shows off 18 minutes of a side mission about half way though the game.  In the video the game is running of an Xbox One X in 4K.  Must say it looks very pretty.  Am sure it will still look really nice running on original PS4 or Xbox One.  Did not watch the full video just scrubbed though because don’t want to much of the game spoiled.  Plan on buying this day one.  Big fan of this series.  If you are interested it check it out.  You can do so > here or below.  The game is set to be out October 27, 2017.

OK Go – Here It Goes Again

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OK_Go_Here_It_Goes_AgainHave picked a favorite for this weeks musical throwback Thursday.  It is Here It Goes Again by OK Go.  This is an awesome song.  It is most famous for the music video.  Back when YouTube is still new it was a huge hit.  It has them dancing on four treadmills.  Over the years they have got more elaborate with their music videos.  Think this is one that started it all (I think).  The song is off their 2005 album called Oh No.  You can give it a watch/listen > here or below.

Fickle Friends – Brooklyn (GotSome Remix)

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Fickle_Friends_Brooklyn_GotSome_RemixHave been playing a lot DiRT 4.  There are may great song in this soundtrack.  Some of which I even knew who they were.  Well there is one I didn’t and have to share because it is stuck in my head.  Had to try and find out what it was called and by who.  Turns out it is called Brooklyn (GotSome Remix) by Fickle Friends.  Being a remix had to look up the original song.  Well it is totally different.  Like the remix better.  You can give it a listen > here or below.

The Rundown – Shout-out

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EPNHave be a fan been a fan of EPN (all so known as Electric Playground or EP Daily).  They might not be on TV any more.  However, for years now have been uploading their work the their YouTube channel > here.  Have been subscribed to the channel when there there was less then 100 people all so subscribed.  Every now again would leave a comment.

The main videos they put out everyday is called The Rundown.  It covers big news in gaming, TV, movies and stuff like that.  At the beginning of each episode Victor Lucas does a shout-out to someone who might a made a comment on a previous video or a comment on Twitter.  Well on the August 1, 2017.  I got The Rundown shout-out dedicated to me.  Was every surprised.  Put a big smile on my face.  You can see the video > here or below.  If you are into video game or pop culture in any may.  Check out their YouTube channel.  There is stuff being upload all the time.