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Near Death Experience

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Had a near death experience today.  Well sort of.  All most got run over at work again.  I was pushing the carts up the hill.  A car stop in front of me and let a lady out.  Then he started to back up.  I was like shit.  So I start to back up too.  How ever he kept coming.  All I could hear was was the lady screaming.  I move to the left and then he finely stopped.   I go about what I was doing.  As I pass the drives side of the car, he rolls down the window and says, “you all right?”  I said, “yep, you just woke me up.”  He looked like he was going to have a hart attack.  Just another fun day at work.

Paul van Dyk – Time Of Our Lives

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PVD5 I have listened to Paul Van Dyk’s music for a long time now. Came across a video on youtube for the song Time of our lives.  But it is a version I have not heard before.  I am really digging it.  On a side not check out his website.  The flash version is pretty awesome.


Lego Indiana Jones Review

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Ok have had Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures for about 8 days now.  And have finished two the three chapters.  Each chapter is broken into six levels.  Some of them are supper long, while others are some what short.  The puzzles are the best part.  Some of them can be a real head scratchers.  There is a lot of characters to unlock.  Most of them seem to be the same character just in a different skin.  There are some many secrets to find it will kept you playing.

Like most platformers there can be cheap deaths.  The combat is solid.  There is some much replay it’s worth checking out.  A fun pick up an play game for sure.

4 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Burnout Paradise Update

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Well the new Burnout Paradise was going to be out in August but got pushed back till September.  I knew this for a little while now but forgot to blog about it.  The update was called “Davis”.  It is now called the “Bike Pack”.  The name gives it way what the update will have.  Not only will it have bikes it will have night racing was well.  You can read more about it here.  Found this great video showing a bike riding at night.  It’s from a podcast by Crash TV.

Postal Review

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postal_galleryposter2 I just had to check out Postal: The Movie after seen the trailer.  Uwe Boll gets a lot of flack for making movies based off of video games.  Still time around he makes fun of himself.  Which is one of the high lights.  They tried to make a controversial film.   Which I think they did, but with a lot camp threw in.  They wanted, I can’t believe they just did that or said that.  May be some people would be shocked, but I wasn’t.   It’s just a silly movie.  There are some funny bits and lots of shoot outs.

Check it out if there is nothing else to rent or if you are in the mood to watch a silly action/comedy movie.

3 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

The Batman: The Complete Fifth Season Review

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thumbnail.jsp Finished watching the fifth season of The Batman today.  It is the last season of the show.  Which is a shame because is it really good.  I now have all the seasons of DVD.  The show has grown for the past few years.  This season the brought in more superhero’s.  So some of the story lines were over the top.  Which is all right.  Well the show is designed for kids on Saturday morning after all.  Doesn’t mean “grown ups” can’t watch too. LOL.

Over all if you are a Batman fan pick it up and all the seasons too.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Demo

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StarWarsTheForceUnleashed Downloaded the demo for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed last night.  I’ll star off saying I am not the biggest Star Wars fan out there.  But then I seen the the trailer for this game.  Where the guy is pulling the star destroyer out of the sky with the “force”.  I was like that is hella right on.  The physics in the demo are pretty cool.  You can pick up stuff or people and throw them around.  The other to powers they give you are a push and this lighting thing.  Which are cool as well.

From what the demo shows it seems like a pretty standard 3rd person action game.  Run down the hallway kill things then move on to the next hallway.  I hope the full game offers more.  Time will tell.  The game comes out September 16, 2008.

Live Free or Die Hard Review

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die-hard-mobile-game Finely got to see the newest Die Hard film, Live Free or Die Hard.  I know it came out long ago now.  All ways like the Die Hard movies.  This one is great.  They took it to an all new level.   The stunts are freaking awesome.  The only thing I didn’t like was there was a lot of CGI.  I know most movies now a days use CGI, but you can really see it in this movie.

Check it out if you have not all ready.  A  great action movie.

4 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Midnight Club: Los Angeles Trailer 3

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Rockstar games posted a new trailer for Midnight Club: Los Angeles.  This game looks better and better very time new pictures or video comes out.  The plan is for the game to be out Oct 7, 2008.  For a better version of the video click here or watch the youtube video below.

Lego Indiana Jones

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Picked up Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures today.  Only tried out the first level.  Which is the same as the demo.  It looks great and there seems  like there is a lot of stuff to unlock too.  I will write a full review once I get a change to play it more.  I just hope I didn’t waste my money on this game.