Pizza Count

The Burk’s Pizza Count

The “Burk” is home from out west. Decided to place bets on how many pizzas he will eat in one week. Starting today (June 2, 2008 ) till (June 8, 2008). Going to get Andrew to try this best to keep track. If any one else wants in on that action leave me a comment and I’ll add you. And you can’t tell the “Burk” about this. lol *just for fun no money involved*

The bets:

Johnathan – 10

Mark – 6

Doug – 8

Andrew – 4 *Winner*

Stephen – 7

Rob – 5

The “Burk” only had 3 pizzas. So it looks like Andrew is the winner. Will have to do this again once the “Burk” is off his new diet.

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