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Deer In The Yard

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WhitetailDeer.jpgLast week (September 23, 2013) while we were eating supper.  Two deer in the yard.  Just taking their time.  Checking out things and eating some grass.  It was funny they didn’t have care in the world.  Even when are car went up the road.  They just looked and carried on.  Went and got my camera.  It was a bit hard to get some good pictures though the windows.  Most of them were bad but did get some good ones.  You can see them below.



Big TV Night

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BobsBurgers.jpgDon’t forget tonight (September 29, 2013) is a big night for TV.  All the good cartoon show start their new seasons.   First there is the 25 season of The Simpsons.  Then there is the one I am most looking forward to is Bob’s Burgers.  This show all ways cracks me up.  Next is Family Guy then American Dad.  This is all ways a good night each year when all these shows start.

Modjo – Lady (Hear Me Tonight)

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Lady-modjoThere are many great radio stations in Grand Theft Auto V.  Right now my favourite is Non Stop Pop Fm.  There is there is are two songs on there I have to just  stop what I am doing and listen.  One is the 2000 hit Lady (Hear Me Tonight) by Modjo.  It gets stuck in your head because there is a nice groove to it.  While I was at work today it come over the PA.  First thing out of my mouth was GTA.  The other song is Music Sounds Better With You by Stardust.

The Rankin Family -The Mull River Shuffle

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NorthCountryThe song The Mull River Shuffle has been stuck in my head for a few days now.  Hear a small clip while I was at work.  If you are Canadian I am pretty sure you have heard The Mull River Shuffle from The Rankin Family at some point.   This is one of their coolest songs.  Has a very nice intro then it picks up the pace.  It can get your feet moving.  Think it is one of the last song they used to play when live.   The song is found on their 1993 album North Country.  But only on the Canadian version.  Have looked on YouTube and found a live version of the song with the best sound quality.  While there is no video to go along with it.  It sounds really good.  You can check that out > here or below.

Grand Theft Auto V Limited Edition Guide

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GTAVLimitedEditionGuide.jpgI know I talked about the Grand Theft Auto V Limited Edition Guide yesterday.   But going to talk about it again today.  Typed that one up on September 23, 2013, when I ordered the book but didn’t post it until the 25th.  It shipped on the 24th  and was in my hands this morning at 11am on the 26th.  That was very fast shipping.  Think that is the fast I have ever gotten any thing.  The guide itself does not disappoint.  The hardcover is very nice.  Inside it has every thing you want to know about the game, how to find and do every thing.  Gives you a break down on the missions and how to get a 100% in each.  They have all the hidden items to find with maps and screenshots.  All so were to find weapons and armorer.  Then there are all the side missions and what not.   They list all the guns and vehicles.  One cool thing it comes with is a very nice lithograph.  Which comes in its own paper envelope.  You can see at picture of that below.  I plan to get a frame for it so I can hang it on the wall.



Grand Theft Auto V Limited Edition Guide

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GTAVLimitedEditionGuideWas on look to see what new movies are coming out.  Then seen a GTA V book.  It was one of those Brady Games strategy guides.  Then seen that here was a limited edition hardcover version.  You can check it out > here.  They have it on sale for a really good price, $23.19 (as I am typing this September 23, 2013).  The back of the book says the Canadian price is $36.99.  So it is much cheaper to buy this off of Amazon the from a store.  So what is what I did.   Sure get my hands on this by the end of the week or next week.  Pretty sure all this info in the book can be found online but there is something about a book that is cool.   Am a huge fan of GTA so this is a nice thing to have.

GTA V iFruit App

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iFruitThe day before Grand Theft Auto V is set to come out.  RockStar Gams have put out a companion app.  Which is called GTA V iFruit.  As you can guess the iFruit is the GTA’s worlds parity of Apple products.  Have download this app on my iPod Touch before I have got the game.  This app ties the GTA V world to the app though RockStar Games Social Club.  Once you get the app you need to a Social Club account.  In which needs to be tied to you PSN account or Xbox live account.  It sound way more complicated then it really is.  Have been apart of the Social Club for years so it was easy as once the app was open you log in with you Club account info. 

Should talk about that the app does.  The two main things (so far?) are it lets you custom and order cars.  You can trick a car with all kinds options.  Then you order it.  When you go into the game it will be waiting for in your garage.  Or you can do it while you are playing the game.  When the car is ready you can drive by and pick it up from the shop.  Think this is pretty slick

The other main thing is Chop The Dog.  Chop is Franklin’s dog in the game.  This part is like a virtual pet.  Take care of the dog in the app it will reflect in the game.  The goal is to keep him happy.  All this stuff is pretty cool.  Think it would work best with an iPad.  If you don’t have one of those like me.  They say there will be an Android, Windows Phone and the PlayStation Mobile coming soon.

For the first few days the game came out this app and Social Club were not working or just barely.  Think that is because there were so many people trying to use them at the same time.  It now seems a week later that things are working much better.

Under The Dome Review

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UnderTheDome.jpgKnow I am late on this review.  Did type this up when the show ended but a little game called GTA V got in my way of posting this sooner.

Season one of Under The Dome has ended.  So it’s time for my review.  While this is an interesting show.  It’s not prefect.  It does the good of keeping you wanting to see what happens next.  The biggest problem I have is the timeline.  In the second to last episode they has the dome has only been in place for two weeks.  Yet I find it hard to believe all the crazy stuff happening.  The people seem to move on pretty fast.  That kinds of pulls me out of the world.  However this is still a great show from a main TV network.  All think it was smart to air it in the summer.  Because this is one of the type of shows that would get cancelled after a few episodes.  Leaving people in the dark.  That being said the show has been a huge hit.  So there will be a season two.

This was a great summer time show.  Each show leaves you wanting to know what happens next.  While not the best show out there it is still very entertaining.  Looking forward to season two next summer.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Grand Theft Auto V

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GTAVBoxArt.jpgOnce again want to talk about Grand Theft Auto V.  Have close to 11 hours in.  Mind you most of that time was just checking things and doing random stuff.  Have only done the first nine missions.   Here to talk about some interesting things I have found out and want to share.  They might help you out in your game.  One tip is to go to one of the Ammu-Nation’s with the shooting range.  If you get a bronze or higher in each of the shooting challenges.  There are three for each weapon you will end up getting 10% off everything you buy there.  You have to do that for each character.  Only have the first two guys.  Another thing is try out the golf and tennis.  They are both every well done and fun to play.

Another cool thing is to be part of the RockStar Games Social Club.  Have been a member since 2008.  The site keeps track your your stats for many of there games.  As well as may other things.  If you join up and have a copy of GTA V you will get, Exclusive haircuts, Assault SMG (with all the attachments), Annis Elegy RH8 car and a free garage for each character.  Another thing about the club is you can take pictures with your phone and they will out load to your profile.

*Side not the Social Club is and has been a bit of a hit and miss since the game came out.  But just keep trying.  That is what I did and managed to get the picture below uploaded.  Still haven’t gotten the iFruit app to work right.  Am sure the bugs will be worked out soon.

That will buff right out.

A Look at Season 4: The Walking Dead

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WalkingDeadSeason4With less than a month way from season four of The Walking Dead.   Which I am very much looking forward to seeing.  Over at the AMC shows website they have posted a nice video called A Look at Season 4.  It is all so on their YouTube page > here or below.  Have watched it.  It shows a bunch of cool stuff what will be in this new season with some of the actors and creators taking about what is going to happen.  It is a nice taste.  Some might find it might give some spoilers.  I don’t think it does but if you do decided to watch it be warned.  I think this will be the biggest and best season yet.  Season four starts October 13,  2014.