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Star Trek Into Darkness Review

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StarTrekIntoDarknessSo Star Trek Into Darkness is so much better than 2009’s Star Trek.  Enjoyed watching this one much better.  Like the first one it moved at a good pace.  The over use lens flairs has been cut back.  Which made me happy.  There is still some there but just a bit.  All the actors did a much better this time around.  It felt more like t they were a crew.  The story is much better this time around as well.  Mind you it still relies on the very tired movie tropes.  They use, there are seconds left on a count down timer, far to much.  How ever it is still a fun movie to watch.

This sequel is much better than the first.  Every thing about is better.  Think even non-fans would enjoy this.  Not a prefect movie but there is some very cool things in there.  If you are looking for something to rent this is a good choice.

4 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

GoPro Studio 2.0 Contest

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GoProStudio.jpgThere is a cool contest that GoPro is putting on.  It runs from September 13 to 25, 2013.  The big prize is a Mac book Pro and a GoPro Hero 3 with all kinds of attachments.  The runners up get the Hero 3 with all the cool attachments.  The idea of the contest is to use their new GoPro Studio 2.0 software with one of their all really made edit templates.  Have made one you can see that below or > here.  The Studio software is very impressive easy to use yet all so very powerful.   Made this video in about 15 minutes with out ever seen this software before.  Think I will be using it again when I make another video.  If you are interested you can see all about the contest > here.

My Grand Theft Auto V Impressions

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GTAVBoxArt.jpgMy Grand Theft Auto V impressions so far.  When I first put the game in and started to play it surprised me just how good every thing looked.  The world is huge and there is know load times.  That is very impressive.  Just think back to when GTA 3 game out and you have to load each section of the city.  Going to give a break down of what I did and seen that I thought was cool that I did in the 2 and half hours I played (so far).

Miner spoiler.  The first mission takes place in the winter with lots of snow.  So I had to see how real the snow was.  It was very real.  You sink into and your movement is slowed down.

The world is huge and beautiful.  It pulls you right in.  There is so much detail in every square inch.  And I only seen one tiny part of it.

The cars looks awesome.  Again lots of detail.  You can even turn you headlights off and on at will.

You can climb ladders.

The bmx bike is fun.  Can even take it into the half pipe.  I land on my head.

If you pull up behind a cop car at a red light.  Put on the hand break and then rev you engine they get pissed and come after you.

You can tow away cars in side missions.  You have to lower you boom and back up in just the right way.  Very cool

You can play fetch with your dog.

Can go to the movie theatres.  Haven’t tied that yet.

This is just a very tiny part of this game.  So far I am having a blast.  Think this is the best game every made.  Can’t wait to go back in  to see what fun crazy thing will happen next.

Grand Theft Auto V

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GTAVBoxArt.jpgToday is the day  got my hands on a copy Grand Theft Auto V.  Feels like have have been waiting for years for this day to come.  The GTA series is my all time favourite game series.  So hyped up to start playing this game its all most over welling.  Went over to Wal-Mart on my morning break.  There was not one less around looking for a copy so I was in and out.  They had two boxes behind the counter.  One for each system.  Ask if they had any special editions, but no. So I just got the plain one.   All the rest of my shift I was thinking, can’t wait to get home and play.  Had my supper all ready to heat up and eat.  So I would waste too much time with that.

Have the game in.  Typing this while the game installs.  Will be back after some time with an update.

[Update].  Holy shit this game is pure awesome.

Simon’s Cat In Mirror Mirror

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SimonsCat.pngHappy tell you those out there that don’t know but there is a new Simon’s Cat video.  These videos all ways crack me up.  This one is called Mirror Mirror. You can see it > here or below.  This one if you can tell from the title has a mirror in it. If you have ever seen a real cat see it’s self and laugh.  Well know it is in animated and very funnier.   So check it out.

Big Brother 15

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big-brother-logo.jpgOn September 18, 2013 season 15 of Big Brother will end.  As I am typing this (September 12) there are four people left in the house.  Who are Andy, GinaMarie, McCrae and Spencer.  Not sure who will make it to the every end.  At this moment I think GinaMarie will be the winner.  Wasn’t a fan of her at the start of the show.  But as time passes she is the one the kept herself in check (for the most part) at this was a game.  She is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.  Which I think worked to her advantage.  Over all this has been a pretty good season of Big Brother.  While there was some controversy at the beginning of the show.  Don’t think we will see all the fall out from this well until the winner is picked.

GoPro Studio

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GoProStudioHave not talk about GoPro Hero cameras in a long time.  The other day found out they have their own video editing software.  It is called GoPro Studio 2.0.  It looks very powerful.  It looks all most like Adobe Premiere Elements.  If you check out the video on how to use the software > here or below.  They have made it very easy for any user but all so for people that know that they are doing to use.  The best part is it is free.  Going to download it and give it a try.  I watched the video and it talks about the the converting the video files.  These caught my eye.  When I edit my GoPro videos, all ways had to convert them so it was easier to edit which takes up a lot of time.  The video ends up loosing some of the quality.  This GoPro Studio has it own converting process.  Think it will be better since it GoPro software.  Going to give this a try.  Will be back with an update on how it is.

Capital Cities – Safe And Sound

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Capital-Cities-Safe-and-SoundFound another song I would like to share.  It has been climbing the carts for a little while now.  It is called Safe And Sound by the band Capital Cities.  This song was first released back in 2011.  But wasn’t until this year that it as caught on.  It helps that it was used in some ad campaigns.  Have to say it is a very catchy song.  It is off their album In a Tidal Wave of Mystery.  You can check out the song > here or below.  Going to look into what others songs they have out.


The Simpsons Season 25

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TheSimpsons.gifNow that it is September all the TV shows are staring up again.  We just have to wait until the end of September for season 25 of The Simpsons to start.  Saw an ad last night saying it will start on the 29th.  Its kind crazy to think that this show has been on for 25 years.   While I have missed a few episodes here and there.  I think I have pretty much seen them all.  Once I thought about buy all the seasons boxsets.  But can you imagine how much room that would take up.  May be some day.

All so starting up on September 29 is Bob’s Burgers (which is my favourite) Family Guy and American Dad.

RoboCop – Official Trailer

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RoboCopThe other day the official trailer came out of the remake of RoboCop.  Heard they were remaking of this movie a long while back.  Didn’t think much of this since they are remaking way to many old franchises.   Figured this would just be another pile of crap.  How ever my opinion has changed after seeing this trailer.  You can check it out > here or below.  This movie looks pretty slick.  Looks like the main storyline is still intact.  Movie making has gotten a lot better with special effects.  So think the story will keep up withe the effects that are need to pull  it off.