Under The Dome Review

UnderTheDome.jpgKnow I am late on this review.  Did type this up when the show ended but a little game called GTA V got in my way of posting this sooner.

Season one of Under The Dome has ended.  So it’s time for my review.  While this is an interesting show.  It’s not prefect.  It does the good of keeping you wanting to see what happens next.  The biggest problem I have is the timeline.  In the second to last episode they has the dome has only been in place for two weeks.  Yet I find it hard to believe all the crazy stuff happening.  The people seem to move on pretty fast.  That kinds of pulls me out of the world.  However this is still a great show from a main TV network.  All think it was smart to air it in the summer.  Because this is one of the type of shows that would get cancelled after a few episodes.  Leaving people in the dark.  That being said the show has been a huge hit.  So there will be a season two.

This was a great summer time show.  Each show leaves you wanting to know what happens next.  While not the best show out there it is still very entertaining.  Looking forward to season two next summer.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

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