GTA V iFruit App

iFruitThe day before Grand Theft Auto V is set to come out.  RockStar Gams have put out a companion app.  Which is called GTA V iFruit.  As you can guess the iFruit is the GTA’s worlds parity of Apple products.  Have download this app on my iPod Touch before I have got the game.  This app ties the GTA V world to the app though RockStar Games Social Club.  Once you get the app you need to a Social Club account.  In which needs to be tied to you PSN account or Xbox live account.  It sound way more complicated then it really is.  Have been apart of the Social Club for years so it was easy as once the app was open you log in with you Club account info. 

Should talk about that the app does.  The two main things (so far?) are it lets you custom and order cars.  You can trick a car with all kinds options.  Then you order it.  When you go into the game it will be waiting for in your garage.  Or you can do it while you are playing the game.  When the car is ready you can drive by and pick it up from the shop.  Think this is pretty slick

The other main thing is Chop The Dog.  Chop is Franklin’s dog in the game.  This part is like a virtual pet.  Take care of the dog in the app it will reflect in the game.  The goal is to keep him happy.  All this stuff is pretty cool.  Think it would work best with an iPad.  If you don’t have one of those like me.  They say there will be an Android, Windows Phone and the PlayStation Mobile coming soon.

For the first few days the game came out this app and Social Club were not working or just barely.  Think that is because there were so many people trying to use them at the same time.  It now seems a week later that things are working much better.

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