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Survivor: Blood vs. Water

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SurvivorBloodvsWaterThe newest Survivor called Blood vs. Water is set to air September 18, 2013.  This will be the twenty seventh season of the show.  Which I find crazy let amazing at the same time.  Have watched from the very being.  While some seasons were better than other.  This new one looks very interesting.  Say that because this season will have returning players coming back with a loved one as a partner.  So looks like may be have them working together or against each other.  All so redemption island is coming back.  Of course with a twist.  If a love one can choose to switch with their love one who is on redemption island or choose to let them stay.   After looking at the cast it hard to say how it will turn out.  Kind of happy to see Rupert is back.  This will make it his forth time playing.  That has to be a new record.