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Bob’s Burgers Season Six

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BobsBurgers.jpgAll the Sunday animated shows will be starting soon, September 27, 2015.  Looking forward the most to Bob’s Burgers.  It is the best one of the bunch.  Been a fan since the very first episode.  Now we are heading in to season six.  The show gets better and better every season.  Not sure what craziest they will get up to this season.   Might be hard to top lasts seasons.   The Simpsons and Family guy all so start that night as well.

Big TV Night

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BobsBurgers.jpgDon’t forget tonight (September 29, 2013) is a big night for TV.  All the good cartoon show start their new seasons.   First there is the 25 season of The Simpsons.  Then there is the one I am most looking forward to is Bob’s Burgers.  This show all ways cracks me up.  Next is Family Guy then American Dad.  This is all ways a good night each year when all these shows start.

The Simpsons Season 25

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TheSimpsons.gifNow that it is September all the TV shows are staring up again.  We just have to wait until the end of September for season 25 of The Simpsons to start.  Saw an ad last night saying it will start on the 29th.  Its kind crazy to think that this show has been on for 25 years.   While I have missed a few episodes here and there.  I think I have pretty much seen them all.  Once I thought about buy all the seasons boxsets.  But can you imagine how much room that would take up.  May be some day.

All so starting up on September 29 is Bob’s Burgers (which is my favourite) Family Guy and American Dad.

Big TV Night

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Tonight (September 30, 2012) is a awesome night if you are a fan of animation.  All the good show start again.  There are the fan favourites The Simpsons with season season 24.  Family Guy with season 11.  American Dad with season 8.  But the one I am looking forward to the most is Bob’s Burgers with season 3.  This show cracks me up every ever episode.  The writing is so smart and the timing of the jokes are what makes is so awesome.

Family Guy Online

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FamilyGuyOnline If you have not hear of Family Guy Online yet (besides reading it here) I am pretty sure you will be very soon.  What it is, is one of those free to play online games that runs in your web browser.  While I have not tired it yet, it is still in a closed beta.  I am going to try it at some point.  Running around Quahog in 3D looks like it might me fun to play.  The game is in a closed Beta as of right now (May 22, 2012) but you can sign up to get a better change of getting into the open beta.

The Simpsons Season 23

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Season 23 of the The Simpsons kicks off a week from today. So that will be September 25, 2011.  Look forward to ever new season of The Simpsons.  I know Family Guy starts that night as well.  So I am guessing all the others will start too.  Have not seen any advertisements.  However seen some were that there are going to be some new animated shows this year.  Fall is in the air when all the TV show start up again.

Treehouse Of Horror Tonight

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Just a reminder that The Simpsons Threehouse of Horror XXI airs tonight (Nov 7, 2010).  All so Family Guy and The Cleveland Show are Halloween theme as well.  Look forward  to see what each years Threehouse episode will bring.  It is funny how most of the time each Threehouse of Horror is aired after Halloween but it makes it a tradition.

The Safety Dance

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Men Without Hats - The safety dance I finely watched the new Family Guy episode from Sunday night (Feb 15, 2009).  It was called Ocean’s Three and a Half.  There is one part were they are breaking in to a vault so they distract the party goes by getting the band to play The Safety Dance by a band called Men Without Hats.  I lost it, it was funny as hell.  For years friends would quote this song.  When I was in collage you would hear this song every now again.  The room would be quite then some one would blast the song.  Funny stuff.

Family Guy – Surfin’ Bird

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familyguy Have you heard the word?  The bird is the word.  Had been stuck in my head since Sunday night.  In the episode of Family Guy called “I Dream of Jesus”  Peter keeps singing parts of a song called Surfin’ Bird by The Trashmen.  It is pretty funny. There were a bunch of videos on youtube.  But most of them got pulled down.  If the video doesn’t work, I found a small audio sample, here.

Cool W"h"ip

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coolwhip I had a good laugh the other day.  I work in a grocery store.  One guy was putting out the frozen food order.  There was was a bunch of Cool Whip.  He said some thing like, time to put out the Cool Whip.  He said whip just like the joke in Family Guy.   I lost it, way to funny.