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Grand Theft Auto V

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GTAVBoxArt.jpgOnce again want to talk about Grand Theft Auto V.  Have close to 11 hours in.  Mind you most of that time was just checking things and doing random stuff.  Have only done the first nine missions.   Here to talk about some interesting things I have found out and want to share.  They might help you out in your game.  One tip is to go to one of the Ammu-Nation’s with the shooting range.  If you get a bronze or higher in each of the shooting challenges.  There are three for each weapon you will end up getting 10% off everything you buy there.  You have to do that for each character.  Only have the first two guys.  Another thing is try out the golf and tennis.  They are both every well done and fun to play.

Another cool thing is to be part of the RockStar Games Social Club.  Have been a member since 2008.  The site keeps track your your stats for many of there games.  As well as may other things.  If you join up and have a copy of GTA V you will get, Exclusive haircuts, Assault SMG (with all the attachments), Annis Elegy RH8 car and a free garage for each character.  Another thing about the club is you can take pictures with your phone and they will out load to your profile.

*Side not the Social Club is and has been a bit of a hit and miss since the game came out.  But just keep trying.  That is what I did and managed to get the picture below uploaded.  Still haven’t gotten the iFruit app to work right.  Am sure the bugs will be worked out soon.

That will buff right out.

My Grand Theft Auto V Impressions

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GTAVBoxArt.jpgMy Grand Theft Auto V impressions so far.  When I first put the game in and started to play it surprised me just how good every thing looked.  The world is huge and there is know load times.  That is very impressive.  Just think back to when GTA 3 game out and you have to load each section of the city.  Going to give a break down of what I did and seen that I thought was cool that I did in the 2 and half hours I played (so far).

Miner spoiler.  The first mission takes place in the winter with lots of snow.  So I had to see how real the snow was.  It was very real.  You sink into and your movement is slowed down.

The world is huge and beautiful.  It pulls you right in.  There is so much detail in every square inch.  And I only seen one tiny part of it.

The cars looks awesome.  Again lots of detail.  You can even turn you headlights off and on at will.

You can climb ladders.

The bmx bike is fun.  Can even take it into the half pipe.  I land on my head.

If you pull up behind a cop car at a red light.  Put on the hand break and then rev you engine they get pissed and come after you.

You can tow away cars in side missions.  You have to lower you boom and back up in just the right way.  Very cool

You can play fetch with your dog.

Can go to the movie theatres.  Haven’t tied that yet.

This is just a very tiny part of this game.  So far I am having a blast.  Think this is the best game every made.  Can’t wait to go back in  to see what fun crazy thing will happen next.

Grand Theft Auto V

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GTAVBoxArt.jpgToday is the day  got my hands on a copy Grand Theft Auto V.  Feels like have have been waiting for years for this day to come.  The GTA series is my all time favourite game series.  So hyped up to start playing this game its all most over welling.  Went over to Wal-Mart on my morning break.  There was not one less around looking for a copy so I was in and out.  They had two boxes behind the counter.  One for each system.  Ask if they had any special editions, but no. So I just got the plain one.   All the rest of my shift I was thinking, can’t wait to get home and play.  Had my supper all ready to heat up and eat.  So I would waste too much time with that.

Have the game in.  Typing this while the game installs.  Will be back after some time with an update.

[Update].  Holy shit this game is pure awesome.

World-First Hands-On With Grand Theft Auto V

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GTAVBoxArt.jpgOver at all week they are going to have Grand Theft Auto V feature week.  To start of the week (September 03, 2013) they get the first hands-on preview.  You can check out that article > here.   Was going to read this article, which is four pages long, but I don’t want any spoilers.  There is all so a video were the two guys that got to play the game talk about it.  Again didn’t watch because I want to see the game for myself.  It comes out in lest than two weeks.  September 17, 2013 is the date.  How ever if you are interested you can check out that video > here.  So can’t wait to get my hands on this game.  Not sure if I am working that day.  If I am, I plan go pick up a copy on my morning break.  If I am off, plan to get up early to head down to get a copy.  Thought about pre-ordering but there will be a million copies so shouldn’t have trouble getting a copy.