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The Rankin Family -The Mull River Shuffle

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NorthCountryThe song The Mull River Shuffle has been stuck in my head for a few days now.  Hear a small clip while I was at work.  If you are Canadian I am pretty sure you have heard The Mull River Shuffle from The Rankin Family at some point.   This is one of their coolest songs.  Has a very nice intro then it picks up the pace.  It can get your feet moving.  Think it is one of the last song they used to play when live.   The song is found on their 1993 album North Country.  But only on the Canadian version.  Have looked on YouTube and found a live version of the song with the best sound quality.  While there is no video to go along with it.  It sounds really good.  You can check that out > here or below.