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Happy New Year 2017

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new-year-fireworks.jpgYet another year is coming to a close.  It has been another year of successful blogging.  Made 364 new posts.  In the new year the plan is to do a bit of any over all to the blog.  Don’t think  I will change the theme (look) of it.  A new header for sure.  The big goal is to organize the categories better.  To make it easier to find a post.  Near the end of January 2017 will mark nines year of for this blog.  So here is to a bran new year.   Happy New Years everyone.  Thank you so much for stopping by this blog.

Watch Dogs 2

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Watch_Dogs_2Received a copy of Watch Dogs 2 for Christmas.  Enjoyed playing the first game.  It did have some problems.  So far has played about may ten hours.  This second game is much brighter and cheery.  There is more a light hearted with the story and dialog.  Which so far is it makes is more fun to play.  The map is pretty big.  Filled with lots to look and do.  Have sent most of the time looking around.  Collecting stuff and doing side missions.

There is a lot more you can do with the “hacking”.  Which is pretty cool.  You get a RC and a drone.  They are some in handy during missions.  Sometime you have to use them.  They did improve the motorcycles in this game.  However they are still not that great.  So far am liking the game.

Auld Lang Syne

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Auld_Lang_SyneIt is the last Thursday of 2016.  So that means it’s the last musical throwback Thursday of the year.  All ways hear Auld Lang Syne sung at every New Years Eve show.  Thinking it is kind of fitting it should be the last song throwback song of the year.  Had know idea that there is many different versions of the song.   It was first written as a poem back in 1788.  Picked one version I liked on YouTube.  You can hear it > here or below.

Corner Gas Animated

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Corner_GasHave some awesome news to share.  Corner Gas is coming back.  Well in animated form.   Back on December 16, 2016 The Comedy Network announced that they are starting pre-production of 13 episodes of an animated version of Corner Gas.  All the main cast is back to lend their voices.  Well minus one, because Janet Wright passed way a little while back.  Her character will live on in the animated show with a new voice.  It will starts airing some time next fall.  They are saying the 2017/2018 season.  You can read more about it > here.  They all so put out a small tease of what it will look like.  You can see that > here or below.

Simon’s Cat – Little Box

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SimonsCat.pngJust in time for Christmas there is a new Simon’s Cat video.  Of course is it Christmas themed.  It has Cat finding a small box.  Which he tries to fit into.  Doesn’t work out to well for Cat.  The sound affects are really good in this one.  Hearing Cat sigh is very funny.  Give it a watch > here or below.

Merry Boxing Day 2016

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christmas-tree.pngI hope everyone had a fun and safe Christmas.  The weather here was very nice for the most part.  Just a bit of blowing snow.  As all ways the food is the best part.  Try to pace myself but ended up eating way too much.  It was well worth it thou.  Now looking forward to a nice hot turkey sandwich.  With left over dressing.





Merry Christmas 2016

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christmas-tree.pngI want to wish everyone and their families a Merry Christmas.  I hope everyone has the best one ever.  Eat till you can’t eat any more.  That is all ways the best part.  There is all ways something about Christmas dinner where you have to go back for thirds.



Arthur’s Perfect Christmas

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Arthurs_Perfect_ChristmasHave been on a Christmas special watching binge this past week.  After all Christmas is only a few days away.  One I like to watch ever year is Arthur’s Perfect Christmas.  If you never seen it.  You can see it > here or below.  This is a special based of the PBS cartoon show Arthur.



Johnny Reid – Oh Holy Night

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JohnnyReidAChrismtasGiftToYou.jpgIt is the last Thursday before Christmas.  So  its the last Christmas themed musical throwback Thursday.  This week the song is Oh Holy Night by Johnny Reid.  It is the version he did on his 2013 album A Christmas Gift To You.  Have all ways liked this song.  This is my favourite version of the song.  The full album is all so my favourite all time Christmas CD.  There is no official music video.  Did find one with someone made.  You can see/hear it > here or below.  Not sure if it will be taken down.  So enjoy while you can.

A Muppet Family Christmas

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A_Muppet_Family_Christmas.jpgHave posted the last few years.  Going to do it again because, A Muppet Family Christmas.  Is one of my all time favourite specials.  Have owned a copy on VHS for years.  All way wanted a copy of DVD but could never find one.  Then years ago found a version on YouTube.  It has a bunch of scenes the VHS didn’t have.  Am surprised it is still on YouTube because nine of of ten times this type of content is taken down.  So give it a watch > here or below.  Just in case it not there any more.