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Bugs And Motorcycles

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If you ride a motorcycle you will get hit will all kinds of stuff, mostly bugs.  Think I have been hit with them all now after today.  Riding home I get hit right in the throat with this big black bug.  Didn’t know was it was.  Until I got home and looked in a bike mirror to see it was still stuck to me and some what alive.  That did freak me out a little.  But whatever I now have a story to tell with some pictures.  Which you can see below.



3D Modeled Coin

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Awhile back I made a 3D model of a coin using Tinkercad and printed on my Elegoo Mars.  Printed off about seven of them at one time.  They didn’t turn out so good.  So decided to start over.  The first time I use the dimensions of Toonie.  This time I just made a bigger coin thinking it will be cooler to look at and hold.  Making them as kind of like a promo for the YouTube channel I’d Rather Watch Paint Dry.  In the picture below.  The small coin in the front is the old model and the one in the back is the new.  I have printed off six off the new.  Just need to clean and cure them.  Will be back with another post.


Motorcycle Trouble Another Update

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It took a week and more phone calls but I have a new “new” back tier for my 2006 Yamaha XT225 (Yesterday June 25, 2020).  Two weeks ago at a new set put on.  Days later while returning from work the bike could not get up to speed and was super loud.  Turns out back tire was too big.  Causing it to rub again the suspension. Many phones call later they came and got my bike.  Saying the will order a new tire.  A week goes by.  Give them a call to see what going on.  They forgot about it.  First the guy said the tire wasn’t there and he would look into.  He called back said it was.   Then the guy gave me a speech about how there are down people in the shop.  Have been hearing that story every time I need to get something done.  Later that day he called back saying it was on and it how much it would cost.  I reminded him that last week you said it wouldn’t cost any thing.  Gave me another speech about how this tire costs a lot more money.  He wasn’t going to charge me labour and he had to change different departments money.  To makes the long story shorter got him down to $39.00.  I hate dealing with them.  Not going to buy anything from them again.

Photogrammetry Yet Again

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Have made a few posts about photogrammetry.  My first two attempts failed.  However in the last post talked about how I seen a tutorial on how to use video instead of pictures.  Give it another go with No Man’s Sky again.  This time use my game capture device.  The loaded that into VLC and exported screenshots.  The next step to edit the pictures.  Had a 140 or so to edit.  Which took a long time but was well worth it.  Because when I load them in the photogrammetry program and did what I to do, (side not one step over two hours to render), it worked out great.  As you can see in the picture below.  This is were I stopped at.  There are a bunch more I have to do.  Think it will turn out great.  Either way will be back with another post.

Merry Boxing Day 2019

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I hope everyone had a fun and safe Christmas.  Mine was a big difficult with the resent loss of a family member.  Did our best to keep up with traditional.  As all ways the food was awesome.  There was even enough left over for today.  Made sure to make extra dressing.  The weather was very nice, a bit of sun and no wind.  After eating spent the day listening to the radio.  In the evening watched three movies.



Elegoo Mars More Prints

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Have printed more things off with my Elegoo Mars.  Have been trying out didn’t types of models and sizes.  After printing off Leo from the TMNT > here.  Found a He-man figure.  It was bigger than Leo so didn’t want to waste too much resin.  There is an option in ChiTuBox to hollow out the models.  Then you can put small drain holes in so the resin inside can come out.  It turned out great as you can see for yourself below.  That file can be found > here.




Elegoo Mars First Print

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Should have shared this all ready.  A few post back talked about my Elegoo Mars and the first print I will make after the test one is Leo from the TMNT.  You can see the file > here.  All so in that post show the file in ChiTuBox.  Well it turned out great.  After it was cured.  I wet sanded were the supports were attached.  The glued it together with Gorilla super glue.  Very happy how it turned out.  You can see for yourself in the picture below. Thinking I might try and paint it.  Since then have printed a few more things.  Now my goal is to make my own 3D models.  Have started to with Tinkercad.



Christmas Tree 2019

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The first Sunday (which was yesterday) is traditionally the day we put up your Christmas Tree.  This year is much different.  There is one less person around to help.  So now it’s all up to me.  Was hard at first but got thought it.  Forgot at first we had a one string of white lights.  Looks a bit odd.  However still think it turned out ok.



First Ride Of 2019

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Had the most perfect day (May 5, 2019) for the first ride of the year.  My motorcycle is a, 2006 Yamaha XT 225.  Have gotten it ready some many times it doesn’t take long.  The tire pressure was a bit low in both but that happens every year.  Got the battery in quick and had it fired up in the third starter push.  It ran great.  Checked everything over and seemed fine.  Do have to get it inspected this year.  Will get them to go over it really good.  Just hope the weather stays some what fine.  Want to start taking it to work.