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Merry Boxing Day 2021

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I hope everyone had a fun and safe Christmas.  We had a nice quit one.  Just like last year cooked the turkey breast with olive oil and it turned out amazing.  Didn’t making my homemade stuffing.  Went with Stove Top.  It is better than I though it would be.  However did have homemade rolls from a local bakery, which were really good.  For tonight we are having the traditional hot turkey sandwiches.



Christmas Tree 2021

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It has been the rule in the house of a very long time that the first Sunday in December (which is today December 5, 2021) we put the tree up.  This year remember buy all new sets of lights.  Got those back in November.  These new ones do make a difference, much brighter.  Have put up this tree and the past ones for so many years it doesn’t take long.  Like last year didn’t put as many ornaments on.  Think it turned out good.



PLA Filament From

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Took me about a month but got around to trying the PLA filament I ordered from  Found a cool low poly Hulk model over at > here.  It seemed easy to print and simple to paint.  Which I will do at some point.  Scaled the model down at first just to see who well it would turn out.   In which it did.  So, printed it again, just much bigger.  It took about 19 hours and 25 mins.  It looks amazing.  As for the PLA filament it is this one here.  (Sadly, sold out as of typing this November 7, 2021).

More Painting A 3D Model

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Once again talking about painting 3D prints that I made with the Elegoo Neptune 2.  This time it is for a Batman model.  There is a really cool looking one over on Thingiverse, this one > here.  Very simple looking but with lot of detail in the cape.  Wanted to print this one besides looking cool.  It would be easy to paint.  Once I had it primed in grey.  Did two coats of black and a bit of white for the eyes.  After that spayed on some clear coat.  Think it turned out good.  But sadly Batman lost a battle with gravity and broke an ear.

New Motorcycle Helmet

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LS2_Stream_HelmetHave talked about it long enough.  Finely got around to get myself a new motorcycle helmet today (June 7, 2021).  The shop is now open to let customers in.  They didn’t have a big selection of different colours, 90% were black.  Was hoping to get one that stood out a bit so I will be less likely to be run over.  Tried on six different full face helmets.  A few didn’t fit right, too tight or loose.  Another I couldn’t get my glasses on.  Then a guy pointed to one that has a flip down sun visor built in.  Tired it and it fit great.  That is the one I bought.  It is the LS2 Stream, in matte black.  This would be my third helmet and think it might to the best one.  Time will tell once I get so use our of it.


First Ride Of 2021

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2006-xt225-usa-dpbmc-3.jpgAm late getting to my first ride of the year (2021) on my 2006 Yamaha XT 225.  Most years have gotten going in May.  Not so much this year for a few reasons.  The weather was part of it.  But the main reason is I need a new helmet.  However everything was closed so I couldn’t get one.  That being said.  It is way to nice out now so couldn’t wait any longer.  Took  a good look over it and checked the tire presser.   The tires themselves are bran new last year.  But the battery in and it fired up on the second push of the button.  Went for a quick ride to see if everything felt right.  Which it did.   Going to start taking it to work.  Things now are starting to open up so hopefully I can get a new helmet this week coming.


Reality Capture Hands On

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Photogrammetry.jpgA few posts back talked about the photogrammetry program, Reality Capture.  I gave it a try.  My goal with is to take video game things and turn it into 3D printable item.  Have had a bit of success with other programs.  But they are limited to how many pictures/video you can use.  This one however is the full program.  The drawn back is when you want to export you need to pay with what they called PPI (Pay-Per-Input) Credits.  The bigger the project the more credits you will need.

My goal is to turn one of my ships I use in No Man’s Sky into a 3D model. This program lets you import video.  So re-edited so footage I had.  I must say the results turned out the best yet.  As you can see in the picture below. There are only a few small holes in the wings.  So decided to see how many credits it would cost to export, about 117.  You can buy 3500 for about $13.00 Canadian.  The new plan to is get better at this software and make a bunch of models.  Then buy the credits.  Will be back with more updates in the future.


Merry Boxing Day 2020

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I hope everyone had a fun and safe Christmas with the crazy times we are in.  The weather here was very mild.  As for the dinner, must say it turned out really well.  Cooked a turkey breast with olive oil.  It made it taste awesome.  Didn’t have homemade rolls last year.  This time managed to get some from a local bakery.  Since it is boxing day hot turkey sandwiches are one the menu tonight.




Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls

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Chocolate_Peanut_Butter_BallsEvery year at Christmas my mother used to make me chocolate peanut butter balls.  This was the only time I would see or eat any.  They are one of my favourite “cookies”.  They taste even better then they are still frozen a bit.  Thought about making some last year but really wasn’t into it.  However this year gave it a go.  Found her old recipe, there are lots online as well.  What’s great about these are they are no bake.  You mix icing sugar, peanut butter, rice rice krispies, some butter and little salt.  Mix that together and roll in to balls.  Put them in the fridge for about half hour.  They you roll them in melted chocolate.  Did run into some trouble with the chocolate.  It wasn’t getting very runny.   So just had some extra butter to it.  That worked great.  As you can see below the don’t look pretty but they tasted all most like the ones my mother made.

Christmas Tree 2020

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The first Sunday in December (which was yesterday) it is tradition that we put the tree up.  While there is one less person in the house still need to stick with that rule.  Like last year forgot to buy a new stings of lights.  Thinking I might just do that one day after work and have them for next year.  Have done this so many time have a system.  So it doesn’t take long.  But did run into some trouble.  Tested all the lights by themselves and all attached together.  They worked fine. Then when I put them on the tree the second set wouldn’t work.  So guess what it’s staying that way.   Still think it turned out good.