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Dead Snow Review

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dead snow I had to watch Dead Snow after seeing the box art.  I was thinking, cool movie with Nazi zombies.  I haven’t seen one of those before.   I start off saying this is not in English, it has English subtitles.  It’s not a big deal because the plot is very simple to follow .  It is an ok movie.   The zombies look great, the special FX are top notch of a low budget film.  You can see they used some green screen in a few shots.   The rest was shot mostly out side.   There are some funny bits but over all it was a bit boring.

This is a rent if you like zombie movies  Not being a Hollywood movie so it is a bit different than what some people are use to.

3 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Red Dead Redemption Pictures Update

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There are some new pictures that came out today (Oct 30, 2009) for Red Dead Redemption.   They look way better than the ones that came out a few months back.  If this game plays as good as it looks it will be one of the best ever.



Pumpkin Carving 2009

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pumpkin-thumb.jpgCarved the pumpkin today (Oct 29, 2009).  Like last here I downloaded a template.  It makes it so much easier than trying to come up with some thing.  Since I hate carving the pumpkin, but any who the picture is below.  It turned out ok.

The Tournament Review

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The Tournament Wow I was surprised how good The Tournament is.  I saw the ad on TV saying it will be out on dvd, Oct 27, 2009.  I first though a direct to dvd action movies are not all ways that good.  How ever this one should have been in theatres.  It is so much better than a lot of action movies that get a big push, like Transporter 3, which sucked.  There are some flaws that all action movies make.

The action is some of the best in a long time.  They don’t hold back and go with the standard movie.  How ever there are some small flaws.

4 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Canada’s Worst Driver 5

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Canadas_worst_driver_logo Season five of Canada’s Worst Driver started last night  (Oct 26, 2009).  I love this show.  If you have not seen it,  it takes 8 really bad, I mean really bad divers and put them though driver rehab.  They put the drivers though some simple test and some hard ones to see how well they do.  At the end of each episode one person gets their license back.  The show is very funny.  The host, Andrew Younghusband, is funny has hell.  One of the best shows out there.

Seagate External Portable 250GB Drive

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seagate hd I found a great little portable HD at Wal-Mart a few weeks back.  It is the Seagate external portable 250 GB drive.  It works just like one of those thumb drives, just plug and play.  You don’t need a power source like most external hard drives.  It is USB powered.  I got a good deal on it.  Paid about $78 for it.  Went online today and found the some on at Future Shop for $109.99.  If you are looking for a portable external HD this is a good chose.

Brand New – Daisy

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Daisy_(album) I watched episode 5, season 9 of Smallville.  They had an awesome song to open of the show.  Did some digging  around and found out the song is called Daisy by the group Brand New.  Once you get past the first bit of the song it gets really good.  Give it a listen.


The Burial Page

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theburial.pngI made a new page just for The Burial.  The Burial is a short film we are working on.  We are close to finishing it.  So keep watching The Burial page.  To hold you over you can check out the trailer and if have seen it all ready watch it again.  LOL.  All so on the page are some behind the scenes pictures.

Rock Band DLC

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rock band Well bought my first ever DLC (Downloadable Content) and it songs for Rock Band.  The PSN card worked great.  Soon as you punch the numbers in the money is there and you get an email.  Once you buy something you get and email as well.  These emails are your receipts.  I bought the Queen Track Pack One.  This track pack has ten songs.  I was hoping for Hammer to Fall because that is my all time favourite Queen song.  But it is not, so may be the next track pack will have it.  The songs are:

PSN Card

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psn card I picked up a $20 PSN card today (Oct 22, 2009).  I have never planed or thought about buying some DLC for my PS3.  But I heard that there is a 10 song pack of Queen songs for Rock Band coming out today.   So I had to give it a shot.  I have not played Rock Band in awhile.  Once I try it out, I’ll post an update.