Canada’s Worst Driver 5

Canadas_worst_driver_logo Season five of Canada’s Worst Driver started last night  (Oct 26, 2009).  I love this show.  If you have not seen it,  it takes 8 really bad, I mean really bad divers and put them though driver rehab.  They put the drivers though some simple test and some hard ones to see how well they do.  At the end of each episode one person gets their license back.  The show is very funny.  The host, Andrew Younghusband, is funny has hell.  One of the best shows out there.

2 Responses to “Canada’s Worst Driver 5”

  1. The last 3 drivers on cwd 5 should never see the drivers side of a car again.

  2. safedriver Says:

    Check out my blog as I discuss my views as a judge for the first 3 seasons of Canada’s Worst Driver.

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