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Mike Tompkins

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MikeTompkins You need to check out the videos at Mike Tompkins is making.  He does covers of popular songs but with at twist.  He makes all the instruments sounds with his mouth.  Records them separately then puts all the sounds together.  It is very cool how he pulls it off.  He latest cover is Rolling in the Deep by Adele.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Hiccups Season Two Tonight

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Just a reminder that season two of Hiccups starts tonight, May 30, 2011.  It has been a long time since season one ended.  Was reading the other day at season two was to start airing in the winter but got put on the shelf.  While the buy out of CTV by Bell to place.  The first three episodes will air on Mondays then move to Sunday nights.

Gnomeo & Juliet Review

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GnomeoJuliet Most of the time I like these animated type movies but Gnomeo & Juliet wasn’t very good.  It does have a good look to it.  Nice an bright, with some very cool set pieces.  It is it just all falls flat.  From the opening shot were they say this story has been told before and we are going to tell it again.  I am fine with retelling a story but at least change it up a bit.  It is by the number animated movie.  They just watched what the competition were doing and pretty much copied it.  Some times this works but it didn’t here.

Over all it has a great look but that can’t save it.  It just falls flat.  I say pass.  Not even sure kids will like it.

2 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Contest Entry

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Yesterday made had a post reminding people about the Whales video contest.  The rules > here.   I was saying that my entry was all most done.  Well it is done now.  Finished it off when I got home from work today.  Didn’t take long as I thought to finish.  Added some After Effects to a few clips.  Thought that was going to take me awhile to do.  The tutorial I used was really helpful.  Upload the video to YouTube and Vimeo.  So that is why there are two copies below.

Vodpod videos no longer available. Vodpod videos no longer available.

Video Contest Reminder

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This is a reminder of the video contest is putting on with Freelance Whales.  Using their song Location.  The contest is all most over.  I do believe it ends June 12, 2011.  You can read the rules > here.

Need to kick myself, to finish up my entry.  I have the bulk of it edited.  The opening and end are done to were I am happy.  The middle was a bit more tricky.  How ever that is all most done.  Just want to do something different to the footage to spice it up a bit.   The weekend is all most here will have to spend some time and finish it.  Check back because I will be posting it on my blog as well.

The Muppets: Teaser Trailer

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TheMuppets There is a teaser trailer out now of the new movie, The Muppets.  I knew they were making a new one.  It has been a lot time since the Muppets have been in a full length movie.  The Muppets are awesome and can’t wait to see this movie.  It will be out in November.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Dungeon Raid

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DungeonRaid Gave the app/game Dungeon Raid Lite a try on my iPod Touch.  The lite stands for the free to try version of the game.  It is one of those puzzles/rpg games with a mix a bejeweled.  The mechanics are very simple but very fun.  This is one game I am thinking  out buying.  Not really into the buying download only stuff but this is one thing that might change my mind.  If you have a iPhone or a Touch you should check it out.